Week 6 Need some advice!?

Hi All…
I’d like to start off praising you all for your hard efforts so far this season, we are coming up to half way point of the season, i have noticed some of you have hit a wall and you may have noticed that yourselves.

If you feel like you are one of them who are struggling, DONT FORGET Richard and i are here to answer any of your questions, we will try anything to get you back on track!:+1:

Want to see a lot more of you reach that 5% in the first couple of weeks of the second half of the season!:eyes:

WELL DONE this week to Steven Cook, Matt Regan and Dave Cope, all from the blue team, reaching their 5%! :grinning:

WELL DONE to those who got selected for St Georges Park what a great opportunity you’ve been selected for!!:clap:

See you all next week, :wave:
Just remember we are here to help!!:+1: