Week 6 season 4 2 more 5% achieved



Well done to Marios hadjianastasis and Stuart Bromley who both achieved there 5% weight loss this week contributing 3 goals to the team.

In the weight loss pairs competition the pairs into the semi final with some great scale successes are

Marios and Sean D v Bruce and Greg

Stuart B and Rooney v Darren H and Brett

Shout outs for your efforts from captains for the week

The Leftovers man of the match today goes to Craig Bowen for coming back stronger after a bad week losing 2.5kg and making some fantastic saves to keep a clean sheet on the pitch

Bayern munchen - Well played leftovers
Our man of the match Stu Bromley with his weight loss consistency in his first season take my hat off to him, not bad for a blue nose :joy:,
also a mention for Stu white stepping in for goalkeeper when we had a tough game

Kebaberdeen- Well played ballers​:clap::clap:
Great team effort on the pitch tonight from all players with 1 stand out player being Carl great in goal, though ad did lob all 6’8" of him

Bmi ballers amarjeet for consistency on the scales achieving good success

Salad dodgers - Paul cross back on it after a week holiday and losing the holiday gain in one week.

Largentina some great team achievements on the scales across whole team

Weight loss up to 148kg at week 6
Bayern munchen 24.8kg weight loss
Bmi ballers 17.1kg weight loss
Kebaberdeen 38.4kg weight loss
Largentina 25.1kg weight loss
Salad dodgers 15.3kg weight loss
The leftovers 24kg weight loss

Weight loss team of the week in reverse order
1/Brett groom 1.6kg weight loss
2/Darren hooper 2kg weight loss
3/Darren Rooney 2.4kg weight loss
4/Craig Bowen 2.5kg weight loss well done
5/dan Whittaker 2.6 kg loss back after injury
6/Andrew field 3kg weight loss back to league with a great loss

Other worthy mentions with good losses of 1.5kg for Greg dyas and Stuart Bromley

Weight loss team of the season in reverse order
1/Marvin Gregory 5.4kg weight loss
2/Darren hooper 5.8kg weight loss
3/Shane abbey 6.8kg weight loss
4/Stuart Bromley 9kg weight loss
5/Ben Allen 9kg weight loss
6/Carl Lewis 9.5kg weight loss

Discussions during and after weigh ins were about good weeks and bad weekends and also not planning for evening meals in week ahead.

Use your weekends to batch cook and plan your meals out for the week ahead.

The weight loss top goalscorer chart is a great read with some great results after 6wks and all teams represented in the top 10 for consistent weight loss


Well done all another great week on pitch and scales :+1:t2::soccer: