Week 6 season 7 a wet night in Oldbury



Good to see you all tonight in a cold and wet Friday night

Well done to chris Brookes, Adrian wall Hayes and mike Mitchell all
Who hit there 5% weight loss this week

Well done to dan Hickman who achieved healthy bmi level

Welcome to the league to Kevin Randle
And Adam Tallack who played there first game

A reminder to fill your handbooks in
1 goal for 3 handbooks
2 goals for 6 handbooks
3 goals for 7+ handbooks the easiest goals you will score all week

Weight loss team of the season at week 6
1/Steven Davies and Ben farnsworth 5.4kg loss
2/mike Mitchell 5.8kg kiss
3/chris Brookes 5.8kg loss
4/Adrian wall Hayes 6kg loss
5/paul hill 6.2kg loss
6/ Neil Hodgetts 8kg loss

Weight loss team of week
1/chris Brookes 1.6kg loss and 5%
2/dan Hickman 1.8kg loss and healthy bmi
3/Shane abbey 2kg loss
4/paul hill 2.2kg loss
5/Silas Mawdsley 3kg loss
6/Adrian wall Hayes 3.2 loss and 5%

Captains shout outs

Mark for munchies scored a goal and lost weight
Flabletico Luke for some great assists and Shaun for greats saves

Porkies Nomination for scales is Adrian WH and Chris for 5%'s and superb team performance on the pitch capped by 4 class finishes from Gareth.

Real Madras massive shout out to Dan. total commitment this season, leading from the front and now under the magical 25 BMI. Total respect and he’s an inspiration. :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Ivory toast Silas for toast great weight loss and played really well in goal and the team as the match was late and wet but played on with it

Snackrington Team effort for Snackrington this week. Good effort in the 2nd half - watch that passing move on the Instagram video if you get chance :clap::clap::clap:

Finally if anyone wants to take part in a game vs Colchester manvfat at Colchester fc stadium on Saturday 1st June 4pm ko let me know it’s £40 per player cost which I am collecting and will be a great occasion.