Week 7 cup week 2 oldbury

Week 2 of the cups and a big well done to Jaydon Hadley who has smashed his way to his 5% since Rejoining the league at restart.great focus and progress.
After two cup weeks we have porky blinders, snackrington and Bayern munchies all on 2 wins out of 2.

Weight loss pairs quarter finals was finished tonight following weight loss recorded last two weeks

Nath and Jaydon with combined 5kg loss last two weeks ( Bayern munchies)
Mike M and Kev R ( real madras)

Mark and Chris p ( Bayern munchies)
Tom B and Matt M ( snackrington )

Weight loss team of the week
1)Jaydon Hadley 3kg loss and 5%
2) Andrew Horton 2kg loss great start
3) Luke stamps 1.8kg loss
4) Nathan Bevin 1.5kg loss to help pairing into next round
5)Sean derrington 1.5kg loss
6)Rogan Milne 1.4kg loss

Back to league action next week where ivory toast sitting top of the overall table Face off against inter losing weight both teams with identical pitch records in the league so far so scales could well be the decider.

Similarly real madras and porky blinders joint top of the pitch league scales focus and tracking could well decide this game.

Lastly we have snackrington v Bayern munchies two in form teams.

After a few weeks back we are now closing down on the covid gains we are 71.7 kg heavier now than when season started but that has reduced significantly over recent weeks with some great efforts.

The next cup games are start of November and the fixtures are below

8.10 Porky blinders v ivory toast
8.45 Bayern munchies v real madras
9.15 Snackrington v inter losing weight

As it stands it’s 2 from 3 going into the final based on the next results could come down to goal difference
Porky blinders 4 points +11gd
Bayern munchies 4 points +9gd
Snackrington 4 points +8 gd