Week 7, half way

Its the half way point and many of you are still reaching for that 5% some are very close to it in fact.

Tips to keep you on Track!:muscle:
:one:Look back at old pictures to see how far you have come already, this may bring back that determination you may of slightly lost…
:two:Got an end goal?, its always good to set yourself goals to make it a challenge to complete and no one likes loosing do they…
:three:Make the right choices for yourself, think twice before drinking that one more beer or going for the quick takeaway options, as you know you’ll have to work twice as hard the following week to make a positive difference to your weight loss…
:four:And last of all STOP MAKING EXCUSES especially at the moment with the World Cup its one day where you may loose it with all the temptations in place, that one day could then turn into 2,3 and so on.

Well Done this week to Robert Skipper, Darren O’neil, Simon Main and Alan Currivan for reaching their 5%.:clap:

Second half of the season now, lets start seeing 10%!!:grinning:

See you all next week
Kacie :wave:

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