Week 7 season 4 25kg loss and another 5%



25kg loss this week which takes us up to 174kg for the season

Well done to Brett groom who achieved his 5% today for largentina :clap:

Shout outs from captains

Bmi ballers Phillip Atkinson Walker for his 4 goals on the pitch and Simon Morley and Andrew field for weighing in and contributing losses and tracking goals despite unable to play

Craig Bowen for leftovers, he made some great saves and never gave up despite being bombarded all game and another great loss from him on the scales. Also a special mention for Jim Stores for weighing in injured and getting a 2kg loss

Kebaberdeen Carl For us not far off his 10% and scored a goal on the pitch

Salad dodgers Brilliant team performance from the lads this evening new lad mark Ingram with some silky skills and a fair few goals was our MVP

For munchen Overall a great week for us on pitch and scales bounceback after a drubbing last week we could have sulked but a good week of banter in the group page set us up good 2-0 win on pitch two goal from Darren !! And some decent scaled results mention Ronnie a massive loss fair play. Clean sheet for us tonight :+1:t2:
Largentina 5% for goalie Brett groom
Great achievement.
Some before and after photos for some of the players who have achieved 5% loss so far this season

Well done some great progress.

Weight loss for the season by team
Bayern munchen 32.10 kg with 6.1 this week
Bmi ballers with 19.7 kg for season and 2.6kg this week
Kebaberdeen 45.8kg for season and 7.4kg this week
Largentina 28.4kg for season and 3.3kg this week
Salad dodgers 15.3kg for season and level for week
The leftovers 30.5kg for the season and 6.5kg for the week

Weight loss pairs semi final results see’s

Marios and Sean D v Darren H and Brett

Weight loss team of the week in reverse order
1/Marvin Gregory and Sean Matthews 1.6kg loss
2/Jeff Dutton 1.8kg loss
3/James storer 2kg loss
4/Carl Lewis 2kg loss containing great progress
5/Chris green 2.4kg loss great start
6/Ronnie Harris 3.4kg loss well done

3 weeks left of league season and one win separates 3 teams in the overall title race with kebaberdeen 1 point ahead of leftovers who are 1 point ahead of Bayern munchen.

The scales league is just as tight with kebaberdeen on top and leftovers and bmi ballers close behind.

Teams have progressed as the season has gone on with new players and new goals and promises to be a great end to
League season and an exciting cup season with bmi ballers, salad dodgers and largentina all picking up form.

Fixtures for week 8 which has already started with your scales efforts sees salad dodgers v the leftovers both teams nearing top of pitch league so scales effort could be the difference.

In form Bmi ballers take on Bayern munchen and the final game of the night will see league leaders kebaberdeen take on largentina.

The theme of the night this week was how week was going well until we reached the weekend so here’s some useful ideas for helping on the weekend.

Consider a park run
Meal prep
Reduced calorie drinks


Well done lads great losses again good to see this, league really tough this year going right to the wire :+1:t2: Keep it up lads remember to help your team mates the groups can really help at times jusy to check in helps if having a crap day once again well done all :+1:t2: