Week 7 West Brom league season 5

Well done to lee Clarke, rob senior and dean lester all achieving there 5% this week great achievements

Weight loss by team
Best 27.4kg this season and 2.4kg this wk
Fatzio 54.3kg for season and 5.1kg this wk
Man titty 29.9kg this season and -2.9kg for week with low numbers with holidays and players returning from holiday
Psv 25.7kg for season and -4.6kg this wk
Salad dodgers 32.1kg this season and -5.7kg this week with players returning from holiday
The leftovers 38.2kg this season and -1.7kg this wk

Team of the week on scales for this week
1/Stephen white 1.6kg loss
2/Kristofer parr 1.8kg loss
3/rob senior 1.8kg loss and 5%
4/Daryl earnshaw 1.8kg loss
5/Matthew round 2kg loss
6/Adam Nicholls 2kg loss

Next two weeks either side of the bank holiday break are cup weeks and currently top of the standings for the cup final fixture are
Psv and the salad dodgers but it’s very close and all to play for

We have an 11aside fixture on 31st August at george salter v the parents of Halesowen colts ten pound per person to play let me know as spaces available

At week 7 and 6 weeks played in the league it’s all to play for
Fatzio are 2 points ahead in the combined league with psv and leftovers on three heels

The weight loss league sees the same 3 teams separated by a point

Captains shouts out for the week

Man titty Matt motm tonight. Weight loss and played well on the pitch.
All 6 players did a great job holding top of the league to a 0-0 draw!

Fatzio - Great game tonight 0-0 on the pitch with man titty pass on a well played to all your team lad both keepers made great saves we had rob senior a mention hitting 5% and hat trick :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2: Paul made a great save aswell ref and people watching comment how good it was
Mom for leftovers dean and Lee for their 5%s.

Salad dodgers Liam motm for us great improvement from when he 1st started looking more comfortable on the ball