Week 7 West Brom league



At week 7 stage we now have 21 players achieving 5% weight loss and our first 10% of the season well done to Marvin Gregory of kebaberdeen who achieved his 10% tonight.

It was also the final of weight loss pairs tonight and a unique position that it ended a draw with both pairs losing a combined 2.2kg weight this last 7 days
Well done matt and Tony from left overs and Pete and Marvin for kebaberdeen. The pairs draw will now replay next week on Monday so back to sharing and support as it’s working and reaping great results.

Weight loss team of the week this week in reverse order
1.ronnie Harris largentina, Matthew round left overs and Craig Farney left overs 1.2kg weight loss
2.andrew field 1.5kg weight loss Aston vanilla - carrying on after hitting 10st for calendar year last week
3.sean Matthews 1.6kg weight loss the leftovers achieving his 5% this week
4.marvin Gregory 1.8kg weight loss kebaberdeen
5. Paul strode 2.6kg weight loss salad dodgers
6. Dave chall 4kg weight loss salad dodgers first weight in after joining last week

268kg weight loss over 7 weeks
The left overs 43kg weight loss
Salad dodgers 44.9kg weight loss
Largentina 32.7kg weight loss
Kebaberdeen 54.4kg weight loss
Fifty shade of fat 22.1kg weight loss
Aston vanilla 64.8kg weight loss

Weight loss team of the season in reverse order at week 7
1.robert Carr and Marios hadjianastasis 7.6kg weight loss :clap:
2.matthew carder 8.5kg weight loss👏
3.jaydon Hadley 9.5 kg weight loss👏
4.andrew field 10.5 kg weight loss👏
5.craig Farney 10.6 kg weight loss :clap:
6.marvin Gregory 13.4kg weight loss :clap:

After 7 weeks it’s all to play for with 3 league games left to take us up to Christmas
On the scales league kebaberdeen are level with salad dodgers on 10 points
On the overall league 4 points separated 5 teams.

Scales can and will swing the results your way make the most of your support group and manvfat support to achieve something for yourself and your team to finish 2018 off.

Nominations for players of week from teams were:
Michael brown Aston vanilla for losing weight every week and getting a pitch goal too
Dave Cartwright and Nic crossfield for great performances on pitch for largentina
Sean Matthews for hitting his 5% for left overs today and special mention to Marios for achieving great scale success despite an injury
Paul strode and Dave chall share the honours for salad dodgers with great scale results this week which contributed to a turn around on result
Marvin Gregory with another great scales week and goalkeeper display takes recognition for kebaberdeen
50shades james Bayliss volunteering to play in goal and throwing himself into it with some great saves takes recognition for his pitch performance aswell as consistent weight loss each week from Jaydon Hadley.

As we head into December remember your not on your own you have the support network of your team, me as coach and also the wider West Brom
League. It can be a lonely time and a time of stress and worry aswell as love and laughter for others. I have heard these words in press and social media recently and they ring true, it’s okay not to be okay.
We are in this together.


Well done all done great losses to read on there wow :open_mouth:


Well done everyone! :clap::clap::clap::clap:


Well done everyone