Week 8 - UWA league Keep the saltiness for the soccer pitch

Halloween time! If your going trick or treating this weekend let the kids take all the candy this time around!

A very tame night of football games lastnight, I think everyone was just low on energy and/or dealing with injuries.

No 5% certificates for this week but congratulations to those players that brought home their first or second hattricks for their teams.

On-Pitch results
West Ham and Cheese (Green) vs Blue Mountains 3 - 5
Better Red than Dead vs Black Panthers 1 - 11
Weighty Whites vs FC F.C (Yellow) 7 - 2

Off-Pitch results

West Ham and Cheese (Green) vs Blue Mountains 1 - 3
Better Red than Dead vs Black Panthers 3 - 1
Weighty Whites vs FC F.C (Yellow) -1 - 1

Overall Results for week 3

West Ham and Cheese (Green) vs Blue Mountains 4 - 8
Better Red than Dead vs Black Panthers 4 - 12
Weighty Whites vs FC F.C (Yellow) 6 - 3

You can see match results anytime at www.manvfatsoccer.com.au/uwa , and if you click on ‘ Latest Results’ (the tab on the right of the results box) and hover your mouse over the scores (e.g., 4 – 2), you’ll be able to see a break down of where the score came from.

Shout-Out to Current Team Weight Loss Leaders… Based on kgs lost to-date.**

  • Blue Mountains - 17.8kg
  • West Ham and Cheese (Green) - 13.6kg
  • Black Panthers - 12.5kg

Overall League weight loss to date: 63.1kg - Overall the leagues in Australia we have now lost over 500kg!!

This week I want to address sodium intake. The average adults daily sodium intake should not equate to more than 2400mg, this is equivalent to 1 single teaspoon lads! (just over 5 grams).

Excess salt consumption is not directly causing an increase in weight however it is important to keep an eye on it to prevent high blood pressure.

High blood pressure can result in a mutlitude of pathological conditions including:

  • Heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Stroke
  • Oedema (fluid retention)
  • Osteoporosis

A few simple tips to help reduce your daily salt intake can be found on the health foundation website linked in below:

So lets keep the salty behaviour on the soccer pitch gents and avoid it in our diet where possible!

Enjoy the last of this sunshine, looks like a bit of rain inbound for the latter part of the weekend.

Until next time,