Week 9 2 5% achieved



Well done to luke stamps and Neil Hodgetts both achieving there 5% today and earning 3 goals for there teams.

The 5% for flabletico being the deciding factor in a game to swing the result in there favour and turn result into an 8-6 victory.

The weight loss top goalscorer chart is still a close battle as we head past week 9

Weight loss for season up to 160kg across 68 players which averages 2.3kg per player over the season.

Weight loss team of the week in reverse order :clap::clap:
1/Dayle Gerrard and Ben Thomas 1.2kg weight loss
2/Chris Brookes 1.4kg weight loss
3/Ben farnsworth 1.4kg weight loss
4/olly Underhill 1.4kg weight loss
5/Jamie Degge 1.5kg weight loss
6/Matthew Maries 2kg loss continuing a great start in the league

Weight loss for season by team
Bayern munchies 17kg
Cereal killers 20.8kg
Flabletico Madrid 24kg
Ivory toast 5kg
Porky blinders 31kg
Real Madras 25.7kg
They think itโ€™s moldova 13.8kg

Weight loss team of the season in reverse order
1/Jonathan Stanaway 6kg weight loss๐Ÿ‘
2/Chris Brookes 6.2kg weight loss๐Ÿ‘
3/Steven Leonard 7.2kg Weight loss๐Ÿ‘
4/Neil Hodgetts 8kg weight loss :clap:
5/Samuel burns 8.2kg weight loss :clap:
6/Sean Derrington 11kg weight loss :clap:

The battle for amazing loser hots up with 5games to go and this is won by the player with the highest % loss in the season and currently leading is
Sean Derrington closely followed by Steven Leonard.
Well done both achieving great results

Shout outs in recognition of there efforts by captain and vice captain this week goes to
Luke stamps of flabletico achieving his 5% and helping turn a result around :clap:
Neil Hodgetts of porky blinders for achieving his 5% and Paul Gouldingay for his top corner screamer on the pitch ( I want a walk through in scales room next week :slight_smile: )
Jamie round for cereal killers played really well improving each week and lost on the scales also sam aswell improving alot on the pitch this week as been really hard to pick an individual player because everyone on team keeps putting good shifts and never give up :muscle:
Piotr Koryl for real Madras for another weight loss and getting better on pitch week in week out
Matt Maries for they think itโ€™s moldova New to MvF, great on the pitch even though team only had 6 players and lost 2kg.
Jon Hayward for Bayern munchies he played outstanding while he had a chest infection and he never gave up๐Ÿ‘
Some great performances tonight and on the scales this week.
The week 10 result starts now - if your chasing your hattricks or 5or10% or maybe trying to get back into a loss after Christmas the weekend is the first step which can make or break your week. Use that extra time for meal prep and more exercise.

Yesterday I did a bit of batch cooking and if you havenโ€™t seen already please see below