Week 9, Its not coming home just yet!

next Wednesday all depends on Saturdays results, i wont be making any final decision until then.
If England do win, would love for everyone to come to an agreement about what happens with fixtures etc to make it fair for everyone.
If they loose then next week is as normal.

With the World cup celebrations its the main topic of excuses to some of your weight gain, have fun Saturday and enjoy the game but try not to go over board, as it will reflect on weight loss.:soccer:

Little tip to keep you motivated with weight loss :bulb:
why not try and compete against some one close to you friend/relative/partner… either through how much weight each other losethrough exercise challengesor who can keep up the healthy eating the longest
Give it a go, great way to stay motivated and everyone loves a competition!!:muscle:

Well Done this week to Mark Docherty who has reached his 5%!:clap:

I’m away for a couple of weeks, so keep up the good work, i want to see some of you back on track for the last few weeks of the season.
See you all in 3 weeks times!!:wave::airplane::sunny: