Week 9 season 6 West Brom league merry Christmas and see you 6th January

Last game of the year tonight and a positive one with Rob Carr achieved healthy bmi bracket. Great achievement

Rob also crowned weight loss pairs winners from last week along with paul Slaney.

Weight loss by team at week 9 cumulative
Expected Toulouse 22.7kg
Fridge raiders 26.3kg
Man titty 15.6kg
Nacho average 53.8kg
Psv 21.8kg
Quakers 32.8kg

What’s your approach to Christmas?

11aside game Sunday v pershore away we have a team sorted but couple of spaces if anyone available to get involved

Weight loss team of the week
1/josh bailey chamber 1kg loss, Dean Lester 1kg loss
2/craig Hillman 1kg loss
3/Nathan Timmins 1kg loss
4/Paul baker 1.2kg Loss
5/Gareth downing 1.2kg Loss
6/Stu Bromley 2kg loss

After2 cup weeks we have psv on two wins, followed by Quakers and man titty on one win and a draw.

Captains shout out

Expected Toulouse Rob Baker MOTM for us tonight, bagged a couple of goals. Happy Christmas to everyone!

Man titty MOTM tonight for us was the whole team, best team performance of the whole season… really starting to work together and feel where each other is… well played Quakers too … happy xmas everyone :+1:t2:

Have a happy Christmas break all and will see you back on 6th January 2020