Week 9 Wrap Up - Rockingham: West Australia

Woohoo, what a week to celebrate.
This week - 2 players have reached a monster milestone of losing 5% of their body weight since starting MAN V FAT on the 10th of September.
Congratulations to Andrew C (Blue team) and Ryan L (Yellow) well done guys. There’s a few more players getting close - check out the Score board for Rockingham to see the fixture results - for goals scored on and off the pitch. And Top Scorers if your name is in the Top 10 for weight loss so far. 2 green guys aren’t far off the 5% mark.
As well as fun, friendly football, we have a lot of momentum as a league. We had 80% of players losing weight at last weeks weigh-in, 2 guys had exactly the same as last week, and only one player gained a few hundred grams, (needs a hair cut! lol) …So that’s really a terrific job all round - keep up the good work.

Each week when I chat to you all about how your food/ alcohol intake has been going, I like to share some info so that it might help others…
So this week … Heres 5 top tips to reduce snacking at night

  1. Go to bed instead! - we confuse feeling hungry when we are tired.
  2. Drink water - we confuse thirst for hunger sometimes too.
  3. If you have a sweet tooth - try yogurt and/or fruit - if you like tinned fruit, this can really do the trick. Buy tinned fruit packed in juice not syrup.
  4. Brush your teeth - this can make the craving for eating go away.
  5. Don’t watch mainstream TV - the adverts for junk food trick you into thinking you need to eat when you don’t. DVDs/ Netflix/ docos help avoid advertising pressure.

So, have a good week guys. I won’t be there on Thursday - Sam from City of Rock is covering me this week. Don’t forget to chat to him about continuing to be able to play football at Aqua Jetty through Dec/ Jan if you want to keep the MAN V FAT momentum up.