Week 9

Still so many people reaching their 5% its great to see…
WELL DONE To Richard Greenwood, Leon Swann, James Culling, Steven Chapman and Matthew Blower. :clap:

Ben and Richards Recipe of the Week!:yum:
I know some people take tins of soups to work for lunch. So here is a easy recipe for a carrot and coriander soup. So u know exactly what you are eating with no hidden ingredients like u can get in the tins. Also cheaper.

Only takes about 25 mins to make and will make 6 servings.

1 x tablespoon olive oil
4 x large carrots peeled and chopped
1/2 large onion chopped
900ml vegetable stock
I bunch fresh coriander.

Heat the oil in a Medium saucepan.
Add the carrots and onions and cook for a few minutes till onions are soft.
Add the vegetable stock and coriander, and simmer for 10 minutes till the carrots are tender.
Take off the heat leave to cool for a few minutes then blend with a hand blender till smooth. Add a small amount of salt and pepper is needed.

Kacie’s Tip of the Week!:bulb:
A lot of you may find soups not one the most filling meals, which means you may end up eating a few slices of bread alongside it… Here are some healthier options to make you soups a little more filling.

  • Add Croutons to the soup , light but soak up the liquid making the soup bulkier.

  • Rice cakes/ Ryvita style biscuits, great to dip into soups.

  • Whole meal/ seeded Bread, healthier option to white bread (restrict yourself to 2 slices).

  • Cheese, it may sound strange but is a great way to keep the soup flavoursome as well as thickens a soup. (only need pinch of cheese)

  • Adding a meat to the soup, like chicken, seafood or beef. this will increase protein levels.

How the tables stand going into double digit week:soccer:
Little Piggies are Top at the moment overall with Pathetico Madrid closely following, Pathetico Madrid are top of the pitch table, then we see KFC Wimbeldon are top for the scales closly followed by Little Piggies.
The tables are sooo close for all teams so its still all to play for with 5 weeks to go.:muscle:

See you all Wednesday for Week 10!:open_mouth:

Kacie :wave: