Weekly Weigh In - Jan 26, 2018



Holding steady this week at 217 lbs. Not overly concerned as last 2 weeks were big falls so I know the old body is just recalibrating itself


Managed to restrain myself at the Burn’s Supper and down just over 1lb.


Down 1lb from last week so a 5lb loss this year so far, getting there slowly and steadily…


Dropped a couple of pounds 108.6 kilos,


3lb this week. Season 2 of MvF footy coming to an end this week but they are arranging weigh ins for the two weeks between seasons which was what did everyone in last time.


2lb off. 18st 2lb. 254lb


No movement this week in either direction. -50.5lbs in total.


Do I add myself Into the spreadsheet for future weigh ins? Sorry, newbie here.


First week! starting weight 264lbs. my first target weight is to get back to the weight i was (212lbs) when i joined weightwatchers for the first time, about 13 yrs ago. :neutral_face:


I must have the most adaptive metabolism in the bloody world,

been ‘trying’ to lean gain/build new muscle whilst keeping fat gain to a minimum over the past 4 months,

A 2lb per month rate (50/50 muscle/fat) is a good rate for my current condition…

Increased cals by 250 at first, then 500, then eventually about 800/900 over maintenance… managed to put on 5lbs (rather than the 8-10 I was shooting for) as I just couldnt eat enough…

Have now switched up to a quick mini-cut, to drop the excess bodyfat gained to get back to the same level of lean-ness as before with with an extra few lbs of muscle, then repeat the process… dropped cals by 1000 in total (estimating for a 500-700 deficit) & guess what, not a single lb has come off, not even water weight… measurements are also the same.

Basically my metabolism is like an elastic bloody band & adjusts to almost everything I do, ugh. lol

It’s not genetic either, as I did get fat before (you’ve all seen the pic/s), on about the same amount of calories.

I do move a lot (high NEAT), but I can change my intake up or down by almost 1000 & my body will simply adjust to the new intake, which means I have to go very low on cals to get lean, & very high on cals to build muscle


I know this feeling. I’m really struggling to loose at the moment despite being supposedly in deficit. Not done enough measurements to prove it but my resting heart rate seems to go down with calorie intake. 1300 calories yesterday and a resting heart rate of 47 bpm.


I typically have to go over 2500 to gain & under 1500 to lose, there’s a 1000 calorie buffer in the middle where nothing happens :confused:


Lost 1lb. That is 1 stone 4lb (18lb) less than my highest weight.