Weekly Weigh In - May 10, 2019

@mikechristopher any idea how I get the sheet to display on an iPad. Equally struggle to input weight on my iPhone.

I have a version. Not even sure how I got it. I have google sheets but it needs to be opened for editing I think. I’ve asked before

@mikechristopher I’m looking at the current and last weigh-in colums between Dec 18 and May 19 and nothing seems to have changed, is anyone still updating this spreadsheet? Am I maybe reading it wrong?

I update it on the phone through google sheets. Not even sure how I got it on that tbh but it transfers to this one. On laptop did you choose sheet1

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Ok so I worked out how to do this on phone. Download google sheets. Open this thread and hold the sheet1 it should give an option to open in sheets and then work away.

Did you get it. Did you download google sheets?