Weigh In Day - 16th December


Come on @ChevalierTialys it’s Friday and weigh in day. Finish those eggs and waffles, you need to put the spreadsheet up.

I’m down another 2 lbs this week. :slight_smile:


Two pounds down this week. Getting very close to target (again) need to decide how much further to go think 180.


woke up late, no time for s##t, shave & scales, so I’ll do mine tomorrow.


Up a pound from me but as the last 2 days have been short meetings followed by long jollys I have got off quite lightly!

Aim is to keep next week stable but these Christmas weeks sure are tough


1lb down this week - which is actually amazing given the Christmas family gathering and drinks night last night.
who knew you can lose weight from 7 pints of lager!

In all seriousness, I’m pretty chuffed with the loss, although acutely aware that that amount could easily be a fluctuation of the scales!



A surprising drop of 4.6, more than expected but I’ll take it!


I lost 2lbs this week and chuffed with that as now reached 10 lbs lost!


Hey @Sparky, 10 lbs in a month…you’re doing well mister!


Cheers @Spinner! Yes I’m happy with the results so far - the accountability to my team is really helping


Went up a couple of pounds this week and back down to slightly below where I was. pfft



5lbs off this week. Pleased doesn’t come close. Struggled with exercise as been so busy but must have done something right!

Will update spreadsheet tonight.


2lb on again but confident that with the focus of my MVFIA group starting today that’ll sort itself out!


2lb down. That’s more like it! :smiley:


Up a pound this week. I’d like to blame a couple Holiday Parties but I know that it’s my fault for giving in to temptations.

With a family gathering this weekend, a wedding next week friday, and then two more family gatherings at Christmas, my goal has been to maintain a steady weight (not necessarily lose any pounds) for the rest of the holiday season. While I was hoping to be down a bit more before going to see the family, at least I’m down 16 pounds total over the past 2 months.


2lb down this week again. And back in 38" waist trousers!


Well I gained 2.1 pounds, which is disappointing. Then why do I feel pleased? That would be a silly response of course. Or is it?

My name is Yoyo because thats what I seem to lose weight and then gain it all back. But not this time.

Yea I stumbled and fouled up, but there is something satisfying, in knowing that I’m back on my program and not yoyoing. This time I reacted and got back on the grind! That my friends is what you call lemon aid :smiley:


Admin@ Oops! To many parties!

Weight 110 kilos or 242 pounds in old money.

That’s a piddling 5 pounds loss for the four weeks. Actually I am pleased. I have enjoyed my daily read of ups and downs in the fat v man world. There is real encouragement on the site and I want to sign up for another 30 day challenge and make a permanent difference.

Seasons greetings to my fellow dieters [quote=“Adrian, post:1, topic:18283, full:true”]
Come on @ChevalierTialys it’s Friday and weigh in day. Finish those eggs and waffles, you need to put the spreadsheet up.

I’m down another 2 lbs this week. :slight_smile:



up a pound this week. bad start to the week with take out food and other things but i pulled it back to be happy enough with the scales.


3lb off this week, down to 168 :+1:


Haven’t weighed myself on my scales recently because they were getting me down with the lack of change and fluctuations.

But I measured myself for the first time since September.

  • 3/4 inch lost around my neck
  • 3 1/2 inches lost around my waist
  • 2 inches lost around my chest. 1 inch lost around my thighs

Down half a stone but offset by muscle gain (I hope)…