Weigh in. Summer challenge

Weigh in thread lads for those needing one

Week 1 1st June
And so on

1st June: 177.2lbs
8th June 177.8lbs (+0.6lbs)
15th June: 177.6lbs (-0.2lbs)
22nd June: 177.2lbs (-0.4lbs)
29th June: 177.2lbs (0)
6th July: 177.0 (-0.2lbs)

Target is 168lbs (12 stone)

Target 250 then 240lb I’ll take either

Week 1 June 1st 263lb

1st June: 214lbs
12th June: 212lbs

Target is 203lbs by 14th July

I’d love to get past the 300lb Mark for my birthday. I’ll be 55 on the 27th July and planning a bit of a blow out.

2nd June 317lb.

04/06/2019 - 285.75lbs
11/06/2019 - 282lbs
18/06/2019 - 285.5lbs

3/06/19 - 205lbs.
Target is 178lbs (I’ll take 182!)

4th June 103.6kg (228lb).
1st July 107.5kg (237lb)

3rd June 338lb
Target by 5th August (End of season)
315lb at worst
300lb as a stretch
I know thats a real stretch but 2kg per week is where I want to be hitting ideally

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10th of June! lost 2kgs
Happy days

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