Weight gain after vasectomy

Not looking for an excuse, just curious. My average weight seems to have gone up a half stone / stone in the years since my vasectomy. Could be my age, 45, but I saw a similar change in pets who had the snip. Anyone else notice any weight change after the snip?

Hi mate - interesting. I’ve read around this a bit and there doesn’t seem to be much of a scientific link between the snip and weight gain, but plenty have laid off exercise as a result of post-vasectomy pain.

I don’t know from personal experience but I’m sure others will have views.

I had one 3 years ago but don’t feel my weight went up as a result. I’ve just been lazy.

I had some temporary weight gain while I had balls like oranges after my op if that counts!
On a more serious note I was talking to a friend about this last week as he was saying exactly what @admin mentions above in that his lack of exercise seemed to stem back to the time of his vasectomy last year and he just hadn’t got back to anything like his pre-op levels since.

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I think the reason weight increases in pets is something to do with becoming lazier as well as the body not producing as much hormones (testosterone being one) and therefore doesn’t use as many calories. This is based on what I remember the vet saying when my dog got castrated and the advice was to reduce his food.

I don’t think castration and vasectomy are the same thing (I’m not a vet or doctor) so not sure if there would be the same link between a man getting the snip and gaining weight as there is with a dog being castrated and gaining weight.

I was just about to say that if my cat was anything to go by, there’s something in that :wink:
Been asking the Mrs to agree me being snipped for years. She was always reluctant (why, ffs? We already have three) but hopefully the chemo has done the trick anyway, without anyone having to have taken a knife to my plums (wince)

So you’ve been actively campaigning to let your wife let you have the snip? Whatever happened to men’s rights? It’s your junk, surely you can chop it up anyway you choose? If she’s desperate get some stuck at the back of the freezer IN A CLEARLY LABELLED POT.


Lol. Purple plums for a couple of weeks aside mine went smoothly and I’ve no regrets. Fair point re castration difference but a few posts mention just a general drop in exercise. I’ve never been a gym monkey but have used exercise (jogging, cycling, football) to manage my weight but my motivation has dropped off in recent years. Could be age or could be I’ve lost a bit of ‘dog’ - think of the sad twinkle-less eyes of the family pet after they’ve been for THAT trip to the vets.

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To be fair - before the shit hit the fan last year, even despite the sleep deprivation and the sheer bloody cost of everything…I’d have happily had more kids had it been remotely sensible. And not just in a ‘we’ll need a smoking hot Czech pornstar nanny’ way. So the slicing and dicing should have been very much a two-person decision.
Now more or less impossible but also highly irresponsible :wink:

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Had it done a few years ago. My GP refered to it as ‘taking one for the family’…
Used a wheelbarrow for a few weeks and then got back into normal life.
Not really sure if it had any bearing on my weight for hormone reasons, and exercise was only curtailed for a month or so. I am lighter now than I was before the op so no real conclusion either way.
Not sure about how they do it now, but I had mine under a local anaesthetic by a very chatty Doctor, two or three nurses and what looked like a work experience girl.
The only person missing was the porter.

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Its all a load of bollocks!! :slight_smile:

Had mine done 10 years ago - cant comment on weight gain specifically linked to vas, but even now - i still get the occassional searing pain in my right knacker and it f&@cking knacks i can tell ya!


Where does it all go, that’s what worries me?

It’s all well and good messing with your tubes but I’m really not sure I’d want all those critters inside my nads going nuts after every session of bump and grind!

Better out than in, like farts!

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Hi guys good morning to you all, I know this is an old’ish thread but still very relevant to most men.

I had my “Clems” cut some years ago and have done nothing but gain weight? To give you an example when I had them cut I was 14 stone and now 8 years on i’m 24 pushing 25 stone, I have tried Gyms, Diets, Changed my food entirely and now into walking, I have over the past couple of years rekindled my love for mountainbiking (DH) but I found I am too heavy for the Travel on my bikes so it looks like a Rigid is due…

I have spoken to my Doc and he said there is “No evidence to suggest having the vasectomy will make you gain weight”…I beg to differ!

Many thanks.

Gonna be blunt here - if you’re blaming 10 stone on the snip, then you are seriously in denial.
That aside, the same science applies, eat less calories than your body actually needs to function & you will lose weight.