Weight loss league



On my progress email, it tells me I am in 12th place in the Exeter league. Is this the point scoring league or another and where can I find the full league


Hi @Tim_Slade - It’s on your league home page, on the “Top Scorer” tab - https://www.manvfatfootball.org/exeter - It will only show the top 10 so keeping plugging away and you’ll get on there soon!


So why do players in my team, the email says one thing and the league shows another?


Hi @Tim_Slade

The email is for the biggest loser which is for highest % weight lost. The top scorer tab is different as it is for how msny bonus goals you score for your team e.g 3 goals for 5%, 0.5 goals a week for losing etc…

Hope that helps


That’s what I asked originally, so is there anywhere to view the % weight loss league?


Not that I am aware of mate. There is no sign of it on the page for the leagues.


its under the top scorer tab on the league stats , the above is for lode heath league


Thanks, I am aware of this league, but there seems to be another league for % lost rather than points scored. Which is referred to in our weekly progress emails. But for some reason there is no other place to find this information?


mm thats the only one i have come across, have you asked your coach or @admin ?


in your weekly progress e-mail it tells you your individual percenage lost and then tells you your position in the league, but the league is based on the points you have earned not the percentage weight loss.


The trouble with that is the email never matches the league on the home screen?


I think they’re different, I’m 1st in both of mine currently, but I was 1st in the email league while 2nd in the website league for a while.

Have a feeling it’s percentage in the email as already mentioned.


Hi All

Just to clear this up for you all, the weekly progress email that tells you the place you are in the league is for weight lost as a % for example mine says I am 3rd in my league and that I have lost x% as of week 10, the top scorer tab on the league homepage is for weight loss points scored for example I have 11 points after 10 weeks which puts me 2nd place, built up of 0.5 for each week lost a further 1 point for every 3rd time I’ve lost weight and 3 points for hitting my 5% a few weeks back. The maximum a non maintenance player can score in a season is 17 points.
I believe the reason for not having a league based on % losses or Kg is to do with Data Protection as not everyone will be comfortable sharing that information on a live website that can be viewed openly.
@atb88 I wonder who is second on kgs!
Thanks :pray:t2:


Not sure, Ian maybe? I’ll find out.

I’m not losing that one! :joy: