Weight loss Manual



I have registered with the ManvFat league for Liverpool on 11/12/2018 and the payment for £17.99 has come out of my account via direct debit on the 18/12/2018.

I haven’t received my copy of the Weight Loss Manual and was wondering is the some sort of delay in this being sent out @MvFFootballHelp :man_shrugging:t2:?

Is anybody else having this problem of not receiving your book? :thinking:

Many thanks,
Anthony Doyle.


Hi @Doyley - Leave it with us, I can see you’ve emailed football@, we will check in with the book distributors and see what’s happened.


Cheers @MvFFootballHelp :+1:t2:


Should you get a book when you register? I’m paying £25 a month and never got one.


Only if you order it and pay extra for it.


Hi @Josh - It depends on what you have paid for when you registered. There’s a payment of 9.99 with no book, or 17.99 with a book.


You can order the book separately if you wish via the shop:-


Any chance you can check on mine?
I joined two leagues last year at the same time and I thought I signed up with one of them including the manual.



Hi @Manc_Dave_James - drop an email to football@manvfat.com and I’ll check in with the book distributors in the morning and see what the situation is.