Weight loss not hard like as you think


Weight is a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Diet and exercise is a prescription for failure. Only 20% of people will be able to lose weight and keep it off with diet and weight loss alone, That’s a fact.

Here’s what you need to know about things related with weight.

The Thrifty Gene

Our Stomachs Are Too Large

Fullness is a Feeling : Hunger Hormones

Our Environment


It’s Not Your Fault, But It Is Your Problem


i will share with you my realty story with lose weight

I lose weight by these way below

Intermittent fasting

  • Firstly i drink a lot of water when i wake up

  • Eating 3 date fruit (only 3 or 5 date not 2 or 4 o r6 date because If you eat 3 dates, they will turn into carbohydrates in your body, but if you eat 4 or 6, they turn into sugars in your body, and this will not help you, but it will double your problem. )

  • And then fasting for 12 hours and then I eat what I wants (absolutely not fast food)

  • After 2 hours from eat I do simple exercises for 15 minutes or less

  • Before I sleep eat one fruit and yogurt or vegetable salad

  • I take day off from fasting and eat 3 small meal in a day

  • I use this weight loss pills in my day off from fasting

And Repeat the method every day

the result / I loss 22 kilo in 60 days

Note / if you had strong body enough you can use Intermittent fasting only

and also you can use this weight loss pills only

but I recommended to use it together for fast result