Weight Loss Points - Alternative


I know that when Man v Fat started a lot of work would have been put in to decide how and when the additional points are awarded for weight loss across the teams/players to try and give everyone an incentive to lose weight and to reward you for reaching certain milestones.
Yesterday we had a game that took place in our league in which the final score after the weight loss and match was 22-10 to one team, the actual match on the pitch finished 1-2, so before the game started one of the teams was already winning either 20-9 or 21-8. With the best will in the world, playing a 28 minute game of football it is going to be pretty hard to score 11 or 13 goals without conceding to actually get anything out of the game.
I appreciate that the weight loss points were as a result of a number of factors, they had several players getting 5% and quite a few hat-tricks which added to it as well, In this case I guess it helps not knowing the weight loss score before the game as would have been very demoralilsing had they known
Is there a better way to award points that would at least give the other team a chance of getting something out of the game, i know the main aim is to lose weight, but the football match has to also have some meaning to it, well at least i think it does.
I had a thought of possibly adding together the weight loss points that are acheived by the teams and then dividing it by the number of players that turned up, giving yuo an average goals per player, this also means that if teams have players missing it doesn’t unduly penalise them, some teams have players registered that don’t turn up for weeks at a time.
If you assume that each of these teams last night had 11 players (not sure if they did), then instead of it being 22-10, it would have looked something like this

if it was 1-2 on pitch
team 1 weight loss points 21, 11 players, average 1.9 round up to 2
team 2 weight loss points 8, 11 players, average 0.72 round up to 1
Score woudl have been 3-3

is it was 2-1 on ptich
Team 1 weight loss points 20, 11 players average 1.8, round up to 2
team 2 weight loss points 9, 11 players average 0.8, round up to 1
Score would have been 4-2

at least this way the game actually has some sort of meaning and both teams are still in with a chance of winning overall,

or just simplify it furhter and have a weight loss table and a football table but get rid of the combined table



The football match does mean something.

The emphasis has to be on the weightloss.


The smaller guys with less weight to lose, on average, already have the advantage of being quicker and fitter.

The bigger guys, like me, need the incentive to come, such as the way the bonuses are calculated, otherwise they wouldn’t come back. They’d be getting beaten on the pitch and off it which would be demoralising.

As Darren says, weight loss is the primary aim of Man v Fat. If the rules were to change as you suggested, I’d stop coming.


Season 3 of Newcastle, the team I was in drew 1 match & lost every other match.

Yet with 2 matches left we could have won the overall league.

Weightloss matters.


i appreciate the comments gents, it is just my opinion and i agree that changes to the way the weight loss is scored may not be to everyones taste, and it could alienate some players, however some current players are not happy with the system the way it is now so it was just an idea to get peoples opinions


As has been said above, the point of the leagues are to lose weight. A shift away from the current weight goal system would be a shift away from the whole reason MvF Football exists. There are countless leagues across the country for those that want a more competitive football league structure.

If you win big on the pitch but then lose to goals off the pitch, you should be proud of the guys you’ve just played absolutely smashing their weight loss. The leagues are supposed to be one community losing weight together rather than an ultra competitive football league.


You have to remember that that team that scored highly will struggle to score highly next week (5% used up, no hattricks) In truth scores of 20 on weight loss aren’t normally the norm!

Keep the focus on weight loss.