Weight/resistance training stronger hunger cravings

I have been with mvf since march this year and lost a considerable amount of weight. Gone from 98kg down to 77kg.
I achieved this from sticking to a calorie controlled diet (1500 cal) and regular C.V excersise.
In the last 2 weeks I have done a litte less C.V 30 mins instead of an hour and started to add weight training to my gym sessions. I am finding that by 4/5pm I am struggling to stay awake and that food cravings are so much harder to keep at bay! I am struggling to keep within my usuall daily 1500 cal. Would I be able to increase calorie intake and still loose weight due to the new training routine using more calories? Doesnt resistance training continue burning calories after excersise to repair muscles trained? And this is why I am feeling hungry more often now, conpared to previous when I was just doing CV?

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@Matt1988 Yes it sounds like you will benefit from adding calories.

Have you used different calculators to determine how many calories may be best to build muscle and lose fat, taking into consideration your calories in/out?

1500 could be low…This calculator is generic (not only Keto):

Only one man for this and that’s @maxnas he has a load of info on this site you may find useful.