Weight Training For Beginners?


According to the majority of people I’ve been learning from, weight training is fundamental for weight loss and transformation. It’s also something I’ve wanted to do for a while.

I’m joining a gym close to my workplace at the end of the month so I can work out around my shifts. But honestly, I’ve got no idea how or where to start. Does anybody have any tips for beginners?

Also are there any resources that can help me form a training plan and learn more about weight training as a whole?


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@StayAu79… Weight training is great. I’ve got back into it having given them up once my rugby career finished. They’ll make you feel good. They’ll give you a focus. They SHOULD serve as a reminder to you not to make poor consumption choices that might undo your work in the gym BUT …and here comes the mantra: “YOU CAN’T OUT-TRAIN A POOR DIET.”

I’ll attest here. I’ve trained for marathons and half marathons with running club, I’ve cycled cols and climbs, 160 mile flat rides, but all whilst varying between one stone (at best) and two-and-a half stones over what could have been my best ‘fighting’ weight…but after all those miles and calories burned, because I always enjoyed too much alcohol, plus sarnies and cakes etc., I NEVER got to my optimum weight.

I’m doing it now on MvF because I’ve set myself to do so…but…repeat mantra. Good luck…


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The food is something I’m a bit confused about. I’m sticking to my deficit and I’m doing better with food than any past attempt I’ve had at losing weight. I’m just worried that I’m not consuming enough because of my exercise. I use MyFitnessPal, but I’m unsure how I track how many calories I’m burning through exercise.

I’m not really getting any red flags from my body to say I’m underconsuming. But I’m wondering if starting to weight train will require me to consume more calories.


I doubt you’ll underconsume somehow… I’ve been exercising plentifully in past six days…mornings I’ve been cycling whilst fasted. I’ve then ensured I ate quite gently when I broke the fast on return from ride…maybe handful of fruit pieces plus three tablespoons natural yoghurt, and so been careful not to be tempted in to over-eating.

Late afternoon I’ve had a fistful size of protein (for me that’s a piece of beef steak, chicken breast, salmon fillet or mackerel) plus two fistsful size of vegetables or mixed salad.

I was doing same too before I came away on holiday whilst having alternate days either on weights or road cycling up to 58 miles. It’s a fallacy you’ve got to eat loads. You really need to ensure decent wholesome calories go in and not puff up to some high calorie-count you read somewhere by adding some crap calories like bread or cake.

If you eat packaged stuff with list of ingredients published on the back, basically it’s crap. If you’ve got any of the above mentioned proteins in a pack…the contents will be quite simple to understand! And a list of various fruits or fresh salad items, or vegetables don’t require lists of contents… they’re pretty obviously self-explanatory.

Fish contains fish. Chicken not in fancy cause contains chicken. Fresh mackerel contains mackerel. Beef Steak contains beef. Tomatoes contain tomato… there’s a pattern developing here, if you catch my drift. Good luck. Keep it simple. Oh, and await contradictions!


Here’s a great thread to read through on beginning weight training:


That’s a really interesting post dude. Really helps outline the benefits of weight training. The one thing it leaves me wondering is how to correctly track the amount of calories burned and how it would affect daily intake.


Don’t worry about calories from exercise. Just manage your calories to your BMR, and any exercise calories are a bonus towards weight loss.


Forget calories burned during exercise (its minimal and impossible to track)

Fat loss comes down to diet, so get the anount of calories that hits your target but doesnt make you feel like shit

Lifting weights if your new will cause new muscle growth even if your in a calorie deficit

Consider calories burned via exercise as a nice, but small bonus


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Hi, Lifting weights can burn a significant amount of calories, it can help to build and maintain muscle while losing weight.

Below is a good beginner routine , most gyms have the required machines and you don’t need any specialist knowledge or a Personal Trainer to get started.

Machine Bench Press
Machine Shoulder Press
Machine Back Row
Machine Pull Down
Machine Leg Press

You can add some Leg curls, Leg Extensions , Bicep Curls , Tricep Extensions as well if you fancy it.