Weight wins matches - CTC 14/06/17

The teams at North Solihull delivered another loss of 30.4kgs keeping us on target to break the 350kgs barrier by the end of the season. Several players were keen to deliver the maximum possible weight loss, we didn’t have to bring the ‘towel of modesty’ out just yet but as it’s only week two I’m sure it will be making an appearance soon enough.

AC A Silohuette of a Man Pitch 6 Weight 4 (10) vs Sporting Abeergut P 1 W 0 (1)
Week two opened up with what turned out to be a one sided affair, after losing the most weight last season Sporting may still be on their off season. Despite a net loss of 3.7kgs they were hampered by several -1’s so it was always going to take an amazing effort to overturn a 6-0 scales scoreline. AC whose net loss was 8.4kgs also had the added luxury of their first 5% goal bonus from Mark Smith and ran out comfortable winners in the end. Special mention to Keith Horton from AC who not only delivered a 2.5kgs loss but also put in a sterling performance in goal.
We also need to send our best wishes to Sportings Michael Holdway who suffered an ankle injury this week, best wishes on a speedy recovery.

Spartans P2 W3 (5) vs Porky Blinders P2 W2 (4)
Spartans bought a 7.4kgs loss this week with all seven players from week one recording a loss, they have also recruited well with the new additions providing quality both on and off the pitch. Porkys lost 4.1kgs this week and have always been one of the strongest sides on the pitch, with their new squad members they have a great opportunity to challenge on on all fronts. The keepers again took the plaudits in this one with so many great saves throughout the match.

Three Lion Bars P 0 W 3 (3) vs Bar Stool Lona P 1 W 0 (1)
The champions did it again, despite losing on the pitch they remain unbeaten due to weight loss. Whilst they are not far away on the pitch the solid losses are keeping them at the right end of the table. Bar Stool have gone through a major upheaval already this season with a new captain and several new players coming on board. They have shown a massive improvement recovering from a 7-0 defeat on the pitch last week to win this week. The weight loss will come guys so stick at it.
Unfortunately, George Harbourne from Three Lions also suffered an injury during the game so best wishes to George and hopefully see you back on the pitch very soon.

Team losses to date:
Spartans 19.9kgs
AC 19.4
Lion Bars15.5
Porky Blinders 9.7
Bar Stool 5.4
Sporting 2.2

Individual Weight Loss (%)

  1. 7.72%
  2. 5.22%
  3. 4.67%
  4. 3.03%
  5. 2.67%
  6. 2.63%
  7. 2.51%
  8. 2.36%
  9. 2.33%
  10. 2.32%

With some players pushing for the percentage bonuses and 23 eligible for hat tricks this week we could be in for some really interesting results. Keep up the hard work look out for your challenges and the Weight loss world cup is just around the corner. I’m pretty sure that week 3 is the one where we break 100kgs for the season.

All the best


Great read, Mark…

One general observation this season is how tight the teams are on and off the pitch. Good balance in all teams now which is making the games competitive. Testament to the restructure of teams with new players coming along.

Looks like everybody is on board this season and engaged which can only be positive as far as competition goes…

As for the weight loss league, good to see Spartans throw the gauntlet down… who wants to win on the pitch anyway!?

Hat-trick heaven next week for a lot of us, hopefully!

Tom (Spartans)


Well done to all the teams. Sometimes moving pitch can disturb things but it seems like it’s really moving the North Solihull league up and up. Good luck with the 350kg. Has Mark promised to streak yet you hit the target yet?

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I offered after 50kg, the lads promised to gain weight if I offered again. In all seriousness the engagement of the players has been fantastic, whether it’s recruitment, attendance or application at sessions the guys have taken the lead and deserve everything they achieve this season.

Cheers Tom, sorry I missed this last week.

All six teams have a real team spirit, it’s great to drop new players in and watch their enthusiasm rub off on the long standing players. Likewise, it’s great to see some players take on the mentoring role.

I think we are onto a big thing this season at CTC.