Weights for weight loss ? 🤔


Lifting and resistance for weight loss …

Hello all can any one please advise on what they have found or know to be the most beneficial ways of working muscles for weight loss…

Big weights less reps
Light weights more reps etc etc …

Thanks in advance for any advice …



Hi Baz

There are arguments for both to be honest more recently light weights more reps.

For me, I prefer heavy weights and low reps. I get bored with doing any reps for a long time.

However it’s whatever you want to do. A balance of everything is normally the best course of action.


I think @alanmonks2010 has a really important point, if you’re more likely to stick with one or the other that’s the one to do.

Lots of threads about it, but if it’s combined with a good diet you’ll see benefits of both.

I didn’t do any weights in the weight loss phase but have now introduced to my weekly routine, as I’m trying to tone rather than bulk I’m going for high reps low weight.


I agree with @alanmonks2010, you should periodize your training to include both. Each has its unique benefits for building muscle. Also adopt a balanced exercise regimen that includes both strength training AND cardio for best results in terms of maintaining muscle and losing fat. And don’t forget that you won’t lose any fat without a caloric deficit.

This thread talks about strength training and weight loss:


Thanks chaps… I’ve settled nicely in to my cardio routine now after a month and wanted to work on my weights work so asked here as I value your opinions greatly … im also doing whole body training with weights … as I want to look balanced


Try 5x5 stronglifts. 3 sessions a week, 3 exercises(push/pull/lower body) progressively heavier weights.

Do that for a while and see how you get on.