Welcome back Oldbury week 8

Welcome back all hope you enjoyed the break and happy new year.

First stand on the scales after a break is always a big one but good starting point to check in and then go again.

Next step is set a goal and a plan how to get there and that could just be changing mindset and habits back to a few weeks ago and more exercise and food prep

We expected the gains this week but there were some notable shout outs

Antony Wilkes hit his 10% this week for ivory toast and dan Hickman is still in healthy bmi.

The weight loss team of week for week 8 is
1/Jason Ellis 0.2kg Loss
2/Ade wall Hayes 0.6kg loss
3/lee wainwright 0.8kg Loss
4/richard Davies 1kg loss
5/Antony Wilkes 1.8kg loss
6/mark Ingram 2.6kg loss

In order to support getting back on track there will be bonus goals available over the coming weeks.

Next weeks bonus goal will be any team that can lose 10kg net across the team, with squads of 10 or 11 this could be as manageable as an 1kg loss each. This challenge gives opportunity to push back in right direction over Christmas and also kickstart the support in the chats to achieve as a team. Good luck all.

Next Saturday 11th we have an 11s friendly away to Telford let me know if interested.

With 4 league games to play there are 4 teams seperated by 1 point and all 4 teams are involved in head to heads next week and with 3 tight pitch games tonight it will more than likely come down to tracking goals and scales efforts.

The scales league also sees 3 teams level on points so lots to play for.

Motm for porkies gaz, not 100% but gave more than 100%

Ivory toast Going with ant lost on weight and played really well all game think got 10%

Bayern munchies MOTM mark for losing 2.6kg after Christmas as well
No own goals after Christmas for madras great effort and Geordie for being a menace up top