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Welcome to MAN v FAT Talk - the weight loss forum for men. Join in, get answers or just read, learn and laugh.

- Who is it for? Men of any age who have an interest in losing weight. Whether you need to drop 300 lbs, or you want to refine your abs, you are welcome here.
- What can they find here? Here you will find other men who are in the same situation as you, you will also find Registered Dietitians and Registered Exercise Professionals.
- Why should they come here? Join in and you’ll get support, encouragement, advice and a community who all want to see you succeed. Don’t forget that others will also be looking to you to encourage them, so man up and be positive.
- Need more information? Check out our FAQs or watch our Talk forum walk through -

If you need more information or advice then just add @admin into a post and I’ll come running.