Well done to my weight loss partner!



A massive well done to my mate Andrew Field he has lost 10 stone this year so far wow :open_mouth: we have become great pals this year on our ManVFat journey we’re now half way through season 3. I have lost 13 kg but he has lost 10 stone amazing work :soccer:

I’m so proud to call him my mate we’ve had ups and downs but the main down was scales :joy:



10 stone is a mental achievement.

Well done to him!


@Andrew_Field top man ain’t you :+1:t2::+1:t2:


Smashed it what an achievement. Well done andy not been easy, been moments you felt like giving up or walking away but kept going and achieved for you and your family


Huge achievement, @Andrew_Field, massive congratulations!

What’s your next target?