West Brom back after bank holiday

Welcome back after bank holiday, for some an opportunity to push closer to 5% and for others an obstacle which has set progress back a bit. We back now draw a line under it move on and maybe think what can do differently next bank holiday end of may.

Varsity tonight played a very hard fought game v FC thin it to win it. 1-0 pitch victory with 5.9kg of weight loss making it 28.9kg for season
2 hattricks tonight well done Si Morley and Ronnie Harris.
1 x bonus goal for 5kg loss as a team

There opponents FC thin it to win it lost an impressive 12.4kg as a team this week which is 38.4kg for season.
2 x 5%s well done Stephen White and Stephen Shuttleworth and 5 hattricks which included the two on 5%s plus Stu White, Rob Carr and Martin Simpson.

2 x bonus goals in the bank holiday challenge one for the 5kg loss as a team and one for the super food challenges submitted. Below is a couple of examples

Psv were on the last game of the night and it was an evenly matched game with lots of end to end action and both teams played some good passing football.

Psv lost 6.6kg as a team this week and 26.1kg for the season a big well done to Bruce Dyas on 5% tonight and there were 3 hattricks which included Bruce, Greg and Kirk.

1 x bonus goal for 5kg loss as a team over the bank holiday period hope it helped with the focus.

FC Twente stone with a 5kg gain this week which reduces season total to 4.8kg loss
A 5% for captain Adam Tallack well done and a hattrick too.

Quakers registered 8.1kg loss as a team and 24.9kg for the season.
3 x hattricks a big well done to Andrew Wilkes, Gareth Downing and Rhys Winston

1 x bonus goal for the 5kg as a team loss.

There opponents tonight were Pie in the sky blues. The blues lost a combined 13.5kg as a team and a total cumulative for season of 36.3kg.
Well done to Sean Derrington and Jaydon Hadley both of who achieved 5% weight loss from season start and also hattricks alongside lee Clarke, rob baker and Sean Matthews

2 x bonus goals for the team 1 for 5kg loss as a team and 1 for the super food meal submissions.

Weight loss for the league is up to 159.4kg a big well done.

Weight loss team of the week

  1. Jaydon Hadley 5% a hattrick 5kg loss
  2. Kev Randle 3.2kg loss great start
  3. Sean derrington 5% a hattrick 3.5kg loss
  4. Simon Morley 3kg loss and a hattrick
  5. Stephen Shuttleworth 2kg loss 5% and hattrick
  6. paul Slaney 1.8kg loss
  7. rob Carr 1.8kg loss
  8. Rhys Winston 1.8kg loss
  9. Simon Holmes 1.8kg loss
  10. Ronnie Harris 1.6kg loss
  11. Chris McDougall 1.6kg loss, Peter Dangerfield 1.6kg loss

Well done to FC thin it to win it and Pie in the sky blues both teams with 16 goals on scales alone.

In the weight loss pairs the 8 pairs going through to the knock out stages are below and the head to heads for next week. Three out of the four below are actually direct matches to the pitch fixtures so adds added motivation to help your couple progress and for that to feed into the teams goals. Team helps pair and pair helps team. Win win. Good luck all

Bruce and Daz (psv) VS Rob k and Steve W (FC thin it to win it)

Rhys and Gareth ( Quakers) vs Paul and Steve S ( FC thin it to win it)

Rob S and Si M ( varsity club) vs Jaydon and dean ( pie in the sky blues)

Sean D and Adam R ( pie in the sky blues) vs
Kev M and Stu B ( VARsity club)