West Brom half way stage

A good run out in the rain Saturday saw the league represented in 11aside action in a 0-0 draw vs the oldbury league. Good turn out and effort by all involved while raising money for charity.

Tonight saw FC Twente move back into positive weight loss for the season and confirm top spot on the scales league with 4 league games remaining.

Well done to Aaron Hodgson with his 5% and hattrick in the same week with hattricks also for Adam Tallack and Andrew field as the team lost a combined 6.1 kg this week

Nachos the opposition for the night also smashed it on the scales with a combined 13.4kg lost with hattricks for Paul Slaney, Rob Kirk, Stephen white and Stu white.
Entertaining game and as with all our games tonight started with a minutes silence in respect of the sad news into the manvfat community over last few days

Pie in the sky blues welcomed returning players Jaydon Hadley into there team tonight and saw hattricks on the scales for Dean Lester and Lee Clarke.

Psv plenty salt and vinegar edged a very close pitch game 1-0 with a late goal and were edged out overall on the scales by the machine that is VARsity. A hattrick for Psv on scales for Dan Bartram

VARSity were the 3rd team to hit the +5kg as a team weekly bonus and also recorded a hattrick on scales by Jon Stanaway and a 5% and Hattrick by Rob senior.

Quakers welcome back returner to the league Tony Green and had 1 scales hattrick for Josh Bailey chambers.

Team of the week on the scales and a big well done to
1)mark Palmer 3.4kg Loss
2) Stephen white 3kg loss
3) Aaron Hodgson 2kg loss
4) Adam Tallack 1.6kg loss
5) Andrew field 1.5kg loss
6) Dean Lester 1.5kg loss

A few meal idea for the week ahead

A quick reminder on standards
No pads no play so pads must be worn on pitch if playing in goal or out of goals please remember as wouldn’t want a frustrating night for you when can’t play in the session

Subs need to be made from near the half way line when the ball is out of play. Same position on and same position off, we had this at George salter and venue very similar there is a big 11s goal in middle one team either side and that is where subs will enter and exit pitch.

Retreat line always an interesting one, once attacking team scored step back towards half way line and let defending team have first pass free. We don’t want centre forward having 100 touches of ball and the defender standing around we want to get pass out transition through the pitch get everyone involved enjoying the game.

Lastly very current in the covid world absolutely no spitting pitch side be it towards someone or on the pitch. I wouldn’t want spit landing on me or me tackling and falling in someone saliva. Please try to respect this and the other rules so we don’t put future sessions in jeopardy.

Weight loss pairs round one ended tonight some great progress and the top 8 pairs going in to round 2 qtr final double week game is:

Adam Tallack and Andy field Vs
Darren Hooper and Bruce Dyas

Rob Carr and Paul Slaney vs
Billy cope and ebz Samuel

Jeff Dutton and Peter Dangerfield
Rob senior and Ronnie Harris

Jon Stanaway and Shane Simmonds
Brett groom and ant groom