West Brom league week 11 season 5

Well done to Matthew round tonight achieving his 5% for man titty

There were 6 hattricks tonight across the teams

Welcome back to jim Beddow back to league tonight after a break
Weight loss by team

Fatzio 30.5kg for season
Man titty 20.3kg for season
Psv 26.2kg for season
Quakers 35.1kg for season
Salad dodgers 33.2kg for season
The leftovers 44.9kg for season

Weight loss team of the week for week 11
1/Tim Burns and rob ward 1kg loss
2/josh mason 1.2kg loss
3/Nathan butler 1.6kg loss
4/Kristofer parr 1.8kg loss
5/ant groom 2kg loss
6/ Matt round 2.4kg and 5%

I posted earlier about positive impacts of exercise on weight loss and our health

I personally have been doing HIITS recently and there are conflicting tales on whether this is positive for good weight loss results, on an exercise front it is as speeds up metabolism but I do find get more urges for food more intense exercise do but if can manage those urges then results should show.

A topic discussed tonight was swaps, what’s your big swaps that reap rewards on the scales?

Mine would be increase water intake which is replacing sugary drinks or alcohol reduction
Reduce carbs and replace with veg and protein on the plates
Find healthier snacks like chick pea snacks or sushi as an example rather than crisps or chocolate

Captains shout out for this week

Tim motm for the Dodgers tonight. Loss on the scales, a well taken goal and his constant effort to track back and try win the ball back. Thanks to reece for helping out this week :+1:t2:

Fatzio Jim was our motm tonight. Did really well for a first game in such a long time. Well done to all that were there.

Quakers Ammo is our MOTM, best performer by miles on the pitch

Matt motm for titty - 5% - 2.4kg loss in the week. Played 2 full games to help others out and didn’t stop running! Fair play!

MOTM for PSV Darren Hadley

Sean Matthews our motm, kept going