West Brom returns to George Salter academy

A welcome return to our home at George Salter academy and a really enjoyable return.

Returning venue, new weigh in room, Some name changes, some new teams with moving league to 8 teams, some new players and a great evening.

Well done to FC thin it to win it collected the combined weight loss and pitch trophy and medals tonight for the mini league along with the scales mini league. There was also individual recognition for Stephen white who who won the amazing loser medal for highest % loss in the mini season and he also jointly received certificate for most weight loss goals which was shared with Rob Carr also of FC thin it to win it, Bruce Dyas and Jaydon Hadley.

Well done all

Talking of Jaydon he picked up the weight loss pairs award with dean Lester which carried on from last season with tonight the final and the pair lost a combined 8kg From the last weigh in two weeks ago. Well done both

A big welcome to all the new players, too many to mention.

Any photos team or individual please send over so I can post in the wider manvfat community for our return to venue.

Please note you may notice a Negative misc figure in your team score this is a manual correction as there is still a system issue around 5%s where system is re awarding in error.

Well done to FC Torquiche and Quakers who both got the extra 1 goal tonight on the bank holiday challenge to lose 5kg as a team.

Also a big well done to Rob Baker, Andrew field, Gareth downing and Rhys Winston who all achieved 5% losses tonight which were carrying on over from their efforts in the mini season and since our covid lockdown return.

A massive well done to Jaydon Hadley who achieved his 10% tonight following on from his great efforts since lockdown return.

The theme of tonight was the challenge of missed weigh in of bank holiday and the increased social around this period combined with losing that accountability.

Some of our players were able to use the extra week to there advantage and take place in Weight loss team of the week

  1. Jaydon Hadley 6kg loss - lots of recognition and a 10% and weight loss pairs win
  2. Hayden Edwards 5kg loss and 5%
  3. Bradley Morgan 4kg loss
  4. Alex white 3.2kg loss
  5. Joshua Bailey chamber 2.5kg loss
  6. James Picken 2kg loss
  7. dean Lester 2kg loss
  8. Nathan Hadley 2kg loss
  9. rob Merrell 2kg loss
  10. Shane Simmonds 2kg loss

Player of week nominations

St Fatricks - I would like to nominate Simon Holmes as player of the week due to his brilliant weight loss this week and overall praise the whole team with the 5 new additions to the league. Hopefully good times ahead for this team in the coming weeks once playing more frequently

Fatistuta Jimmy. Nice to have him bk and didn’t look like had ever left

Ours is a team effort today
Great group chat has kept us all within focus over the break and holidays always good to have someone to reach out to if needed and help to keep you going. Team effort #Thinittowinit

Quakers The team have nominated Josh for man of the match for losing on the scales and making key saves in the game

Shane and Pete for us waist management tonight, neither stopped running all game and shane with a good 2kg loss on the scales. Welcome to Torquiche United one of the new teams tonight, a good competitive game and team.

Jaydon or mark for us …jaydon achieved his 10% tonight so that’s an achievement alone and put in a good shift on the pitch …mark lost also and scored two goals to keep us in a competitive game

Psv there was some glowing talk of a great performance in goal by Brett groom today to thwart the opposition attack

FC Twente Stone Nath Hadley with a great loss on the scales to get into team of the week on scales alongside his brother