West Brom S2 W9 - Top the 200kg mark



Tonights weight loss see’s us top the 200kg mark4

Well done to Sean Derrington and Matthew Carder of incredible bulks both achieving there 5% tonight which earned there team 3 goals each and continues the scales unbeaten streak to 23 games.

Next time i see you will take some photos and hand out 5% certificates.

Please see before and after photos taken tonight for two of the Salad Dodgers players who achieved there 5% over the last couple of weeks well done again Peter Cox and Mark Povey, great achievements both.

The last game of the night tonight was an entertaining end to end affair both committed teams looking to progress and not giving up. Attacking threats all over the pitch and Largentina taking the lead 1-0 only to go 3-1 down with some good play by Salad Dodgers either side of half time and then Largentina came back with two goals at the end. Match was won on the scales by Salad Dodgers, mixed results by both teams but final score 5-4.

No game next monday as its bank holiday monday and venue is closed this gives you all an extra week to record that big loss to achieve a target, if your closing in on your 5% or 10% this is perfect opportunity to have a good week use the extra time bank holiday for food prep, batch cooking and maybe a fakeaway meal and achieve your goal in week 10 to help your team.

Week 10 will see the winners of the overrall league title crowned. Salad Dodgers and OB City have pushed each other all the day, there is 1 point in it and 1 goal difference too. Well done both and good luck for the week ahead.

Non Scale victories are important to celebrate too, Shane from Salad Dodgers recognising an improvement in his game pace with the weight he has lost over last few months across two leagues.
Andrew Field with another non scale victory this week and for those of who social media friends will already know but able to take the dudley zoo chair lift is a great achievement on a family day out in the school holidays and one achieved by 8 months of great effort.

Jaydon Hadley of 50 shades with a great start after joining us again last week after a break, posting his meals to his team mates and attending the extra fitness hour midweek session that is run and reaping the rewards of that with a 4kg loss this week.
Nic Crossfield aswell another returner to the league after a break with injury, similarly got some energy in the group posting meal choices and started with a loss today on the scales and the equaliser on the pitch.

Weight loss team of the week
1/Sean Derrington 1.5kg weight loss well done and 5% achieved today
2/Rob Kirk 1.8kg weight loss well done and a rush to get to game tonight with car breakdown but worth it with a great scale result
3/Luke Hill 1.8kg weight loss
4/Matthew Carder 2kg weight loss well done and 5% achieved today
5/Scott Stone 2kg weight loss well done back on it after holiday
6/Jaydon Hadley 4kg weight loss well done great start

Weight loss team of the season after 9 weeks
1/Peter Cox 7.4kg weight loss
2/Matthew Carder 7.5kg weight loss
3/Sean Derrington 8kg weight loss
4/Stephen Shuttleworth 11.6kg weight loss
5/Robert Carr 12.5kg weigth loss
6/Andrew Field 14.5kg weight loss

Well done all.

Player of the week nominations from captains well done all
Incredible bulks Matthew Carder great pitch effort and 5% achieved on the scales tonight
50 Shades Rob Kirk and Jaydon Hadley both for great scale results tonight and Robs great saves alongside his weight loss tonight
OB city award Jason Lowe for another clean sheet in goal and a great weight loss with social commitments in the week gone
Largentina nominate Andy Wilkes for his reliability on the pitch and scales another solid performance and another scale loss
Salad Dodgers nominate Shane Abbey for there player of the week for his hard work on the pitch and his efforts throughout the week keeping everyone motivated on the whatsapp chats to support weight loss
Real Ale Madrid nominate for Scott Stone for a 2kg weight loss achieved

Well done all, its very much a team game but nice to be recognised by your team for your efforts.

Big week ahead like i said enjoy your bank holiday and family time but use the extra time for planning and have a big impact on the scales targets to either win the league, hit an individual target or set yourself up for an achievement to help you and your team in the cup weeks.
The games tonight prove it really does come down to the scales and not just a 28 min game so the start whistle has been blown on week 10 now. good luck