West Brom Season 3 Week 8 All to play for as we head to christmas



Well done tonight to Lee Fellows of Kebaberdeen the sole player tonight to reach a % target of either 5 or 10% and earn 3 goals for his team and this proved to be decisive in the game between Kebaberdeen and Aston Vanilla.
A 1 -1 pitch score and both teams scoring 3 goals for tracking it took it to weight loss goals and both teams scored mixed results but the 3 goals by Lee was the difference as Kebaberdeen won 12-10

Pete Rhodes and Marvin Gregory were also victorious on the weight loss pairs final with the Kebaberdeen pair both losing weight and a combined 2kg weight loss to take the victory from Tony Bishop and Matthew Round of the Leftovers.

All games tonight were close encounters on the pitch and were decided by Weight loss and tracking books.

There is a link between losing weight and tracking your intake so make the most of it and track as you go as that could turn a bad day into a good week,
Tonight Aston , Salad Dodgers and The Left overs all tracked intake 100% of available players.

Weight loss team of the week for week 8 in reverse order
1/Stuart white, Gareth Watkins both 1.4kg weight loss
2/Matthew Carder 1.5kg weight loss
3/Sean Derrington 1.5kg weight loss
4/Marvin Gregory 1.8kg weight loss keeping a great season going following on from achieving 10% last wk
5/Rob Kirk 2.4kg weight loss
6/James Storor 2.6kg weight loss a greart start with first week loss

Weight loss for the season at week 8
1Robert Carr 8kg weight loss
2Sean Derrington 8kg weight loss
3/Marios Hadjianastasis 8.2kg weight loss
4Jaydon Hadley 9.5kg weight loss
5/Craig Farney 11kg weight loss
6/Marvin Gregory 15.2kg weight loss

At Week 8 we have 2 players on healthy bmis - well done Robert Carr and Adam Nicholls

Weight loss by team for season to date
Aston Vanilla 69.2kg
50 shades of fat 20.1kg
Largentina 26.7kg
Kebaberdeen 56.7kg
Salad Dodgers 46.5kg
The Leftovers 46.7kg

Special mentions from captains tonight ot the below nominated for Player of the week
Aston Vaniila - Sean Derrington for great weight loss and some important saves
Largentina - Andy Wilkes a rock at the back and getting forward much more on the ball now
Kebaberdeen - Alex Fellows for his goal and pitch performance tonight
The Leftovers - Rob Baker a good weight loss and 2 pitch goals
Salad Dodgers - Paul Strode for bossing the team from defence with team short of few players
50 shades of Fat - Rob Kirk a great weight loss and some important saves in the gamer

With two league games to go all is close. The message to take forward from tonights games as with many this season is its going to be close on the pitch so make sure books are filled in and focus to achieve for yourself and your team as you head into Christmas

AQA Session 7pm Wednesday if want to dial in and chat about all things manvfat, weight loss the league, diet tips or anything else that might support you and your team in the week ahead.