West Brom season 3 week 9



3 close games on the pitch which really shows the progress and togetherness of each of the teams.

With the time of year we are in and added work and friend socials and parties for festive season there will be ups and downs on the scales but we still saw some great results.

Craig Farney achieved his 10% for leftovers tonight and Nathan butler his team mate achieved his 5%:clap::clap:
Luke hill achieved his 5% tonight for kebaberdeen a great achievement on a work Xmas party week :clap:

Weight loss for the league currently stands at 280kg
An average of 4.3kg per player

Aston vanilla weight loss 58.5kg
50 shades of fat weight loss 20.3kg
Kebaberdeen 61.6kg weight loss
Largentina 28.2kg weight loss
Salad dodgers 40.1 kg weight loss
The left overs 45.5kg weight loss
Well done all teams some great support networks created to achieve personal and team goals

Recognition from Captains this week
Leftovers- rob baker for his two goals on pitch as well as Craig Farney and Nathan butler for % targets met
Aston vanilla - Jeff Dutton for great focus on the scales this week to help turn a pitch loss into a victory
Kebaberdeen - Mike hawkes great pitch performance and a scale level after work Xmas party
Salad dodgers - nas younas for another weight loss and solid pitch performance
50 shades of fat - james Bayliss and Darren Rooney for great scales results this week
Largentina - andy Wilkes another good scales result.

A couple of things worth shouting at from myself in terms of attitude to league and personal achievements, there will Be others but this is just a sample I am aware of this week

Matt round - back from holiday and 2 x 5k runs while there to limit the gain
Peter cox - great show of sportsmanship to offer support to injured player from opposition during game
Gregg dyas - returning to league last week after period away with other commitments but returning in great position on scales which shows great focus without that support network and motivation of a team
James Bayliss found his mojo this week with 3 gym visits over long weekend period to seal a great loss.
Marios hadjianastasis consistent weight loss despite being injured

Weight loss team of season in reverse order
1/Jaydon Hadley 9.5kg weight loss
2/Sean Derrington 9.5kg weight loss
3/Marios hadjianastasis 9.6kg weight loss
4/Matthew carder 10kg weight loss
5/Craig Farney 12kg weight loss
6/Marvin Gregory 16.2kg weight loss :clap:

Weight loss team of the week in reverse order
1/Adam Nicholas and Thomas Bayliss 1.4kg weight loss each
2/Marios hadjianastasis 1.4kg weight loss
3/Carl Lewis 1.5kg weight loss
4/james Bayliss 2kg weight loss
5/Jeff Dutton 2.2kg weight loss
6/Darren Rooney 2.6kg weight loss

Last week before 2 wk Xmas break so big effort where you can this week and enjoy the socials with your friends and loved ones.

All to play for with 4 teams capable of taking the combined weight and pitch league with Aston vanilla and largentina separated by goal difference and kebaberdeen and the left overs still mathematically possible to clinch league title

Largentina taking the pitch league with a game to spare.

3 teams left in the battle for scales league with kebaberdeen currently two points ahead of salad dodgers and left overs.

Challenge for this week is to find time to put 3-4 30min exercise sessions in to your week to help keep you busy focused and work off any socials or chocolate boxes that are being passed around the work


Well done all some great support etc shown and what a week ahead for all teams go get it :+1:t2:


Well done everyone one last week before the break