West Brom season 3 wk 13 welcomes another 5%er



Following on from today’s results next weeks cup final will between The Leftovers v kebaberdeen.
Reds against yellows.

A well deserved achievement by both teams who have achieved great scales successes.

Kick off 8.40
But in reality the cup final has kicked off already as the things your doing from now to next Monday will impact the score with your scales goals.
Fill books in for tracking goals
Batch cook and prepare meals to save calories
Try and get in some more exercise maybe try something new like a swim or park run.
Good luck for the week ahead

Well done to James Storor of the leftovers who achieved his 5% weight loss tonight

Weight loss for the league is up to 257kg which is a good mark considering involved Christmas and new year period

Weight loss team of the week in reverse order
1/Sean Matthews and Marios hadjianastasis both 1kg loss
2/Craig Farney 1.2kg weight loss
3/Philip Atkinson Walker 1.5kg Loss
4/Robert Carr 1.6kg Loss and in healthy bmi bracket
5/Steven Leonard 1.8kg Loss great achievement
6/james Storor 1.8kg loss achieved 5% this week

The weight loss top goalscorer chart is close with a week to go with Marios and Marvin both on 16 weight loss goals