West Brom season 5 week 10

Well done tonight to Kristofer parr of Quakers fc on achieving his 10% weight loss on top of also scoring a hattrick this week. With contribution of filling book in aswell it equates to around 5 goals scored by one player tonight without kicking a ball. Great achievement

We had 7 hattricks tonight across the league so a big well done to all.

At the start of a new week its worth asking yourself what could have gone better this week- if it was a social gain then these things happen but if it was due to boredom as can sometimes be the case during our discussions then maybe try some new exercise this week like a park run or extra football with team mates. Race at your pace is another alternative set yourself a challenge.

My three battles personally are time , trying to get exercise in and make it a habit alongside family and work and also time for food prep but maybe involve partner or kids in that and it becomes more enjoyable.

Other challenges personally you may connect with is work snacking when someone brings the treats in and it becomes the talk of the work place all day and lastly family socials which happen but trying to minimise with the food prep alternative is proving a winner.

4 weeks and a few days I will be doing a 10k run in palma Spain for children with cancer charity image

This takes me to a topic I have discussed at start of each season find your why and keep it close, mine is my run at moment so helps give extra focus and managed to be the designated driver last night with a Diet Coke and choose a healthier option than others in group with salmon and salad it was really nice and managed to be part of the social occasion still

Weight loss by team

Fatzio 36.6kg for season
Man titty 22.3kg for season
Psv plenty salt and vineger 24.4kg for season
Quakers 37.3kg for season
Salad dodgers 31.3kg for season
The leftovers 33.5kg for season

Not everyone’s bodies work the same some will lose small gradual chunks and others will spike a big loss and then a small gain or stay the same but the important thing to look at is a longer time period than just the week for your progress.

Weight loss team of week
1/ant groom 1.6kg loss
2/Daniel Whittaker 1.8kg loss
3/dean Lester 2kg loss
4/rob ward 2.8kg loss
5/Stephen white 3.2kg loss
6/Stu Bromley 6kg loss a great week

Well done to rob and james of the leftovers who won a charity match yesterday vs wolves old boys the game finished 2-2 and was won on penalties while raising money for a great cause

1-2-1 time is available during the week if required as have an AQA slot I can make available in ten min segments either over phone or message for anything that can help your week and refocus

Captains shout outs for the week
Salad dodgers great scales effort by Stu Bromley 6kg loss on scales and 2 goals on the pitch but an all round great team effort. Well done to man titty never stopped running with just the 6 players.
Adam motm tonight for Man titty. Weight loss and didn’t stop running all night. Well done blues!

Craig for leftovers. Kept going

Dave for PSV

Quakers Simon motm with 3 good goals to get us a win

League table with 3 league games remaining sees fatzio and psv level on 10 points with both left to play each other on week 14. The leftovers are on 8points and still in the hunt

On the pitch league psv lead the way with Quakers and fatzio 2 points behind

On the scales league fatzio lead the way on 10 points

Top weight loss goals in a single game this season is

14 fatzio vs psv week 5
12 the leftovers vs salad week 7
12 the leftovers v Quakers week 4
11 psv vs fatzio week 5