West Brom season 5 week 6

Weight loss is up to 217kg for the league

Weight loss pairs semi final see’s

Andy and Paul from fatzio Vs
Lee and Jim from the leftovers

Gareth and Paul from BEST vs
David and Tim from salad dodgers

Weight loss by team for week
Best sandwich Albion -0.3kg
Fatzio 4.4kg loss
Man titty 2.2kg loss
Psv -4.5kg
Salad dodgers -0.1kg
The leftovers 5.9kg loss

Holiday period and lots of temptation ahead and numbers low with availability

Weight loss team of the week for week
1/Sean Matthews 1.8kg loss
2/Kirk Dyas 1.8kg loss
3/Andrew field 2kg loss to help his pair into semi final
4/Ryan Sherwood 2.2kg loss
5/rob senior 2.8kg loss and fast approaching 5%
6/rob Kirk 3.2kg loss

Well done to Marios who achieved healthy bmi status this week a well deserved recognition for his consistency on the scales over last two and half seasons

Captains shout outs for the week

Motm for Man Titty this week goes to stu and Steve for standing in and playing blinders
Motm for the leftovers Jim for a goal and 2 assists, and Marios for a goal and getting into healthy BMI

2 motm for dodgers tonight, Steve for his loss on scales and his goal and dave for his constant running on the pitch
Big shout out to Rob and Ronnie Aswell for filling in and also to the guys at PSV for their fair play when we had an injury, cheers lads.
For best sandwich Albion motm is Simon for scoring 4 goals and getting a hatrick on his weight loss
Top of the overall league table at half way stage we have fatzio edging it on goal difference from psv with leftovers gaining ground following tonight’s win

Fatzio top the scales league by 1 point with leftovers and psv just behind

All teams have now won a game on the scales and an overall victory.

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