West Brom season 6 week 1

Welcome to Ebenezer Samuel and billy cope to the league.

Great turn out tonight by all. Lots of high energy and focus with books completed and food apps shown. Lots of talk of the changes we making more steps, gym sessions, more football aswell as cutting down portions.

The theme to improve in this week ahead is planning. Cut down on the reacting to hunger and feeling tired after work and calming take aways to food prep and batch cooking. Also weekend is make or break. Might sneak a loss might not can be roll of a dice if high calorie all weekend and then gamble on switching mentality again in time. The illustration below shows how the weekend can impact our efforts

A combined 123kg weight loss in week one and that will be a combination of new focus kick start with buzz of new season the challenge is can you keep it going with 9 weeks till Christmas

Game week one saw all teams get off the mark on the pitch and some good scales results.

Captains shout outs for the week

Expected Toulouse Jimmy man of match today never stopped running

Nacho average team Stu white our man of the match looked calm on the pitch and defended really well some great tackles and movement , topped off with a decent weight loss on week 1

Man titty Our man of match was Nathan, up and down pitch, great performance

Dazza Hooper for PSV on weight loss and pitch performance

Steve for raiders. Lost 3kg, Played great at back when under pressure.

Next week sees some good battles where scales achievements will no doubt impact results so focus starts now.

Psv will play nacho in the first game of night
Expected Toulouse will play Quakers which is a replay of the cup final from a couple weeks ago.
Man titty following on from there first game together will take on fridge raiders.