West Brom season 6 week 2

Onto week 2 and lots of momentum beginning to build on the scales.

The league was represented in an 11s game yesterday vs stoke who beat us but some good exercise by all involved and a good workout for all to counter extra calorie intake of the weekend.

Welcome into man titty to Nathan Hadley who has previously played in the local leagues.

Weight loss up to 146.6kg and 3 x 5% achieved

Weight loss by team after week 2
Expected Toulouse 28.5kg
Fridge raiders 19.5kg
Man titty 12.5kg
Nacho average team 33.6kg
Psv 30.1kg
Quakers 22.3kg

5% achieved by chris green , Stephen white and Stephen Shuttleworth all in the same game psv v nacho average team

Next week is the first week when can register a hattrick for those players who attended registration and lost weight in weeks 1 and 3, each hattrick earns your team 1 extra goal as a reward for consistency in efforts and out of 63 players in the league we have 26 players who if maintain focus can achieve there hattrick next week so 42% of league.

Weight loss team of the week in reverse order
1/Paul Slaney 1.5kg
2/Daryl Earnshaw 1.6kg
3/ant groom 1.6kg
4/Stephen white 1.6kg and 5%
5/dean Lester 2.5kg loss well done
6/Kirk Dyas 4.6kg

Captains shout out for the week

Nacho average team Great battle on the pitch tonight 0-0 fair play to lads with the 7 so give man of the match to the team for effort put in :+1:t2: well done PSV too great game

Whole Team MOTM for Quakers as well, everyone worked really well on the pitch to snatch a victory right at the end. Well done to Expected Tolouse for their graft without any subs!

Whole team MOTM for Expected Toulouse, great effort. Thanks to Matt Round for helping us out and the Quakers for a good game :clap:t2:

Whole team MOTM, for Man Titty, all worked well, passing as a unit and some good well worked team goals, good solid equal game from Fridge Raiders

Ronnie MOTM for raiders tonight, good performance and a goal.