West Brom season 6 week 3

Week 3 and hattrick week with a running total of 151.2kg at week 3.

5% achieved this week by robert Carr, Stu white and Kristofer parr. Well done great achievements.

There were 12 hattricks across the league this week and all those of you who attended registration and have lost each of the 3 week have scored one extra goal for your hattrick

Weight loss by team at week 3
Fridge raiders 20.9kg
Expected Toulouse 25.7kg
Man titty 14.1kg
Nacho average team 39.3kg
Psv 28.6kg
Quakers 22.7kg

Weight loss team of the week in reverse order
1/Various 1kg losses
2/rob Kirk 1.4kg loss
3/Tim burns 1.5kg loss
4Jim Beddow 1.6kg loss
5/rob ward 2kg loss
6/Robert Carr 3.2kg loss and 5% achieved

Captains shout out for week

Thanks Raiders for a good game and fair play to you for a good performance without subs. Our MOTM for expected Toulouse is Tony who scored 2 tonight, one of those connected with Rob’s cross to score a screamer volley

Nacho - I’m gunna have to say team effort again had the 6 of us there and all lost weight and won 3-0 on the pitch ran socks off for each other.
Well played man titty :clap:t2::clap:t2:

Fridge raiders Our MOTM was Tim for a loss on the scales and a goal. Well played toulouse and great goal Tony.

Man titty Our MOTM was Jimbo for supporting us even though injured and keeping us motivated

Man of the match for Quaker’s is Stan, made some great saves to keep us in the game for most the game.

Dave MOTM for PSV

After 3 weeks Quakers and nacho average team are level at the top on 6 points each but nacho have the superior goal difference from
Weight loss targets being achieved with 5%s.