West Brom season 6 week 4 a bit of a cold one in the midlands

A notable 5% this week was mine. A two week break from my Wednesday night league meant extra focus to stay on track and achieve my 5% this week and take my place on top of weight loss goals scored league for the season and 4th in % loss league. A proud personal achievement for me and could tell the difference in my pitch sharpness. 4 weeks remaining for me to stay in pole position or that’s the hope and see if my team can catch the leaders in overrall league and weight loss leagues as we sit in second place. If we don’t achieve it but it helps my focus and I achieve then win win in the lead up to Christmas and the festivities and high calorie days and nights ahead with work socials, friend socials and family. Not even worked out how many calories in a German hotdog from German market and a beer stein yet but we all deserve a treat now and then.

A rough guide to my week below if helps any of you with changes and tweaks

If it helps anyone.
On my good days my intake has been
Cup of tea and porridge or fruit first thing in morning.
Black coffees and pints of water in day.
Soup for lunch and chicken skewer or protein pot.
Fruit snack or maybe low cal crisps.
Tea - sushi and soup or chicken dinner or home made bolognaise/ meatballs.
Theres been couple of high cal days like miller and carter or Indian take away once a week but followed that with footy exercise on the day or day after. Treat snacks choose favourites in moderation - love a toblerone lol.
Ignore if no help but if helps 1 person in next few weeks into Xmas then is worth me sending it. Wife’s birthday weekend though now and a date meal today so work required to keep my progress going this week

Weight loss at week 4 upto 158.9kg

Weight loss by team at week 4
Expected Toulouse 26.6kg
Fridge raiders 26.2 kg
Man titty 15.9kg
Nacho average team 46.1kg
Psv 24.8 kg
Quakers 19.3kg

There was no 5% landed tonight but a few hattricks scattered across the teams which is a reward for consistency

Weight loss team of week reverse order
1/Nathan Timmins, Stephen Shuttleworth 0.8kg losses
2/Brett groom, Dan Whittaker, Matt round, Dean Lester, Tony bishop all 1kg losses
3/billy cope 1.6kg loss
4/Stephen white 1.6kg loss despite an injury
5/Russell stokes 2kg loss despite an injury
6/Ebenezer Samuel 2.2kg loss

Weight loss pairs final 8 knockout. Greatest Average loss on the night.
Paul S and Rob C VS Kristofer and Rhys
Paul M and Stephen W VS Stu B and Tim
Stu W and Stephen S VS Sean D and Dean
Darren, Dan and Kirk v Sean M, Jim and craig

The team integrated Cup weeks will be held on weeks 6,9,10 and 13. So the last game of November Once all teams played each other once in league then either side of the Christmas break and then the final being the last but one game of season. Fixtures confirmed. Can Quakers Claim back to back cups.

Next week is week 5 and sees the top two on the overrall league go head to head and if it’s anything to go on tonight’s results scales efforts will impact and possibly decide the match results.

Captains shout outs for the week

Nacho average team Man of the match for us was Matty round been away on holiday came back with a loss on scales along with the rest of the squad another decent team performance on the scales aswell :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

Ronnie MOTM for raiders, kept us In it with some good saves. Shout out to Shane aswell for his hatrick.

Man titty Man of the match for us was Riaz and Dean - Riaz didn’t stop running and Dean offered to go in goal when we were short and put in a solid performance