West Brom season 6 week 5

In my pre man v fat life I was a fa qualified football coach and coaching mentor and saw some slides the other day that rang a bell and thought how they linked into our scale and healthier life journeys.

The development journey of a footballer splits into the below 4 categories or corners in football terms.


Social being team work communication with team about changes, exercise etc and motivating each other.
Physical can we put more exercise in burn off the calories
Technical can we plan our weeks intake manage calories tracking and controlling with the use of books or an app and even portion control
Psychological can I or we focus can I recover from a gain and switch my mentality back from a heavy Saturday night out of beers and food and then what will i make Sunday be.
Very similar and might help to work on where the change might need to be made if your looking for that extra spark.

Weight loss at 168kg this week for season so far

Weight loss by team
Expected Toulouse 30.1kg
Fridge raiders 22.3kg
Man titty 11kg
Nacho average team 51.6kg
Psv 18.8kg
Quakers 21.9kg

Welcome to league tonight to Tony green and Darshan Bhathal

No 5% landed tonight but 8 hattricks across the teams.

The first of your cup weeks next week so fresh spark focus for scales efforts for the teams who need it.
We have nacho Average up against man titty.
A psv v fridge raiders fixture which provided us a close game tonight and then expected Toulouse up against Quakers which was the cup final last season.
At league half way stage nacho average team are 2 points ahead in overrall league from Quakers.
Psv and Quakers ate joint top on pitch league and in the scales league nacho are ahead of
Fridge raiders.
Weight loss team of week in reverse order
1/rob carr 1.6kg loss
2/Jeff Dutton 1.6kg loss
3/Ebenezer samuel 1.6kg
4Tim burns 2kg loss
5/Amarjeet mudhar 2.4kg loss
6/josh mason 2.4kg loss

Semi finals in the pairs see’s
Sean D and Dean L vs Stu B and Tim B
Paul S and Rob C v Sean M, Jim and Craig.
Total kg lost divided by number of players attending gets the result.

Captains shout out for week

Man titty Dean again - went in goal when we were short. Saved some really good shots and kept putting his body in the way on a cold night

Ammo is our MOTM for Quakers this week, relentlessly chased the ball and displayed how he is improving each week football and fitness wise. Always quick and eager to get the back from the other team #WannabeVVD

Nacho - Pete and Jeff for us both got about the pitch and Pete got a goal , and a special mention for Dan for wearing tights , another decent scales week for the team , great match well played quakers :+1:t2:

Lee and Rob again for Toulouse, big shout out for Deano who stepped up in goal