West Brom season 6 week 6

Well played to the guys who represented the league in an 11aside game yesterday some great football played everyone worked hard put a good shift in and got a deserved win. All 6 league teams were represented yesterday which is a great thing,Matt round wore the captains armband in great recognition of efforts both in recent weeks and in last year or more. Getting running into his schedule even when on a weekend away, higher than normal calories in followed by a run to burn them off.

Goalscorers were Nathan T from man titty playing up front and Nathan B from
Leftovers charging down when opposition playing out from the back and also fouled for the penalty which made it 2-1 by myself although nerves tested as penalty was retaken due to encroachment in the box.

A great game and some great energy levels, a rematch is on the cards early 2020 and made for some good chat pre game tonight

First cup week tonight and some great scales achievements with 4 x 5%s

Well done to rob Kirk and Jim Beddow of Man titty both 5%, well done to Anthony groom of psv 5% and consistency every week on scales and well done to Shaun Dixon of Quakers with 5% despite carrying an injury.

Weight loss by team cumulative for season
Expected Toulouse 22.4kg which is average of over 3kg a week
Fridge raiders 29.1kg which again is an average of just short of 5kg a week
Man titty 13.2kg which is an average of 2kg per week
Nacho average team 53kg which is an average of 8.8kg per week
Psv 20.8kg an average of more than 3kg per week
Quakers 27.1 kg which is an average of 4.5kg per week

Weight loss team of the week in reverse order
1/shane Simmonds and stuart Bromley 1.5kg losses
2/Dan Bartram 1.6kg loss
3/rob Kirk 2kg loss a 5% and a hattrick
4/Riaz Khan 2kg loss and a hattrick week
5Shaun Dixon 2.2kg loss and 5% achieved
6/billy cope 2.8kg loss

Weight loss pairs final sees
Stu B and Tim B of fridge raiders VS rob carr and paul Slaney of nacho average team. The final will be decided over the next two weigh ins which are 2nd dec and 9th dec and by coincidence the week of 9th dec sees both these teams go up against each other in a league game so even more reason for the pairs to keep focus and teams to support each other.

Have you thought about meditation for weight loss aid please read the attached and check in to the talk session this week

Captains shout out for this week
Dan is nacho man of match for scoring a hattrick and running his socks off after playing 11s yesterday.

Special mention to Rob from Titty for a blinder in goal. You’re a new team, working hard the results will come lads

Dual MOTM for Raiders. Josh and Darshan, both ran their socks off and put In a shift. We’ll let you off for missing that sitter though Josh :wink: :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Man titty Rob was our motm for the reasons above

Man of the match for Quakers is Stan for keeping a clean sheet and Rhys for scoring 2 goals and getting an assist. Well played expected Toulose

Motm was rob b for us loss and kept going on pitch