West Brom season 6 week 7 half way stage

Well done to Rob Carr first 10% of the season great achievement and also a big well done to Gareth Downing for a 5% following excellent progress last season aswell.

Weight loss by team at week 7 cumulative
Expected Toulouse 21.2kg
Fridge raiders 26.7kg
Man titty 12kg
Nacho average team 53.3kg
Psv 16.8kg
Quakers 28.9kg

The talk of the room tonight was portion control and the positive impact of tracking calories on an app if your seeing the benefit of either or both of these then share with your team as can help a team mate and your team

Weight loss team of week for week 7
1/dean hunter and Stuart Bromley 1kg losses
2/Phillip Atkinson Walker 1kg loss
3/Gareth downing 1.2kg loss and 5%
4/Stephen Shuttleworth 1.2kg loss
5/Darshan Bhathal 1.4kg loss
6/rob Carr 1.8kg loss and 10%

Welcome to the league to John Corrie

Captains shout outs this week

Nacho average team
An all round team performance again tonight both scales and pitch, special mention to Rob C 10% and our new player settled in great first game John welcome to ManVFat league :+1:t2::+1:t2:

Expected toulose Jimmy for us worked socks off

A turn around team performance from Man Titty, great passing and determination, pitch result went against us but team performance and commitment was there for everyone to seeā€¦ special shoutout to Aiden, standout performance, well done lads

Shane and Billy for raiders tonight. Both were really good on the ball and created a lot of chances for us and Shane bagging a goal. Big Tim with another goal. He shoots, he scores.