West Brom sign off at portway with total 234kg loss

Last night saw our last night in our temporary home and an introduction to the league for around 20 new players both new to manvfat and some new to our league. Welcome all. All in this together now a real community group feeling in this league and you get out of it what you put in.

We have a strong 11aside group ready to take to the pitch on Sunday v pershore vets.

We have a lot of good experience across the league ready to offer a helping hand of encouragement.

Last night saw us hit 234kg for the 5 week season which is on average around 3.9kg which is a great start after lockdowns and now we can push on.

The weight loss pairs competition I run sees Jaydon and Dean vs Stu B and Kev M this final will run into next season week 1 weigh in 7 June so motivation for the guys to keep up the great efforts.

On that note we also have some coaches bank holiday bonus goals on offer.

If as a team you lose a combined 5kg weight on return 7 June you score 1 bonus goal.
The reason I put this in is its easy to lose track motivation and accountability when a session isn’t on but that’s the last thing you want if feeling motivated and focused so by putting a bonus in of 5kg as a team which is an average loss per player of 0.5kg then offers motivation to stay on track.

Weight loss by team for mini season
FC thin it to win it 61.4kg
FC Twente 11.4kg
Pie in the sky blues 50kg
Psv 34.6kg
Quakers 26kg
Varsity club 47.4kg

Some great achievements
Weight loss team of the week

  1. Andy field 4kg loss
  2. Jason glover 2.5kg loss
  3. Shane Simmonds 2kg loss
  4. Adam reeson 1.8kg loss
  5. Shaun Dixon 1.6kg loss
  6. Paul Brookes 1.6kg loss
  7. Michael brown 1.6kg loss

Weight loss team of the season

  1. Jaydon Hadley 15kg loss
  2. Stephen white 11.5kg loss
  3. Sean derrington 9kg loss
  4. Andy field 9kg loss
  5. Stu Bromley 8.5kg loss
  6. Si Morley 8kg loss

Other notable mentions go to Kirk Dyas and Bruce Dyas on PSv Continuing some greats efforts that started in lockdown which has seen them add 5% losses to there teams and also add motivation to the group as a whole with lots of walking which started in lockdown.

5% achieved for the season is below
Stephen white
Stephen Shuttleworth
Robert Carr
Adam Tallack
Jaydon Hadley
Sean derrington
Nath butler - last night
Bruce Dyas
Kirk Dyas
Ant groom
Ebs Samuel
Ronnie Harris
Si Morley
Stu Bromley - last night

FC thin it to win it clinched the scales league last week and we are awaiting the results from
Last night to be uploaded to see if varsity or FC thin it clinched the overrall league in whats probably gone down to goal difference.

The new season sees 2 new teams, 1 already name FC Torquiche united and the other to be confirmed but we have used the opportunity to mix up Quakers team with some of the new players to create 2 teams so fresh support groups and ideas on offer to some of our guys to keep up some great efforts since return and also offer some guidance to the new starters on how things work etc.

I can only really finish by saying you get out of it what you put in, for those not been able to kick on so far if not now why not. There is a real opportunity to kick on and create a fitter version of yourself reach out to me or your team or the wider league for support. If there is things you identify as wanting to do better to achieve your goals make them happen. Push past the excuses and achieve.