West Brom week 10 10% achieved



Well done to Marios hadjianastasis achieving his 10% weight loss to assist his teams battle for the league title

Weight loss up to 188kg at week 10 with nearly 20kg loss this week which is good going considering a bank holiday weekend

Weight loss team of the week
1/Michael hawkes 1.6kg Loss
2/greg dyas 2kg loss
3/Shane Simmons 2kg loss
4/Shaun Dixon 2.8kg loss and taking over as captain for bmi ballers
5/Marios hadjianastasis 2.8kg loss and 10%
6/Sean Derrington 3kg weight loss picking up good loss with taking over as cup captain

Welcome to the league to Neil porter and Joshua Bailey chambers into bmi ballers hope you enjoy the league and achieve some great success

Well done to the leftovers who sealed the league tonight closely fought battle with kebaberdeen. The scales league was won by kebaberdeen defending there title from last season with the leftovers finishing in second, both teams showing good momentum on pitch and scales following on from cup weeks last season.

Kebaberdeen could be found celebrating there weight loss success with some mixed grill food and chat at the local pub.

Cup fixtures will be generated over next couple of days.

Only a few weeks away to our game in Colchester so big push on the scales for the players involved so we can enjoy the experience

Here’s a little discussion topic for the week ahead to help achieve good results in the cup weeks