West Brom week 11 January 13th

Some good weight loss results this week as we recommence the focus on the scales after Christmas.

No team scored the net 10kg loss this week for the extra goal but a well done to Quakers with 7.9kg loss and 100% of available players all losing this week.

Next weeks bonus goal per team available will be for any team who has 6 or more losses across the team in a week.

Weight loss by week at week 11
Expected Toulouse 12.6kg - 1.6kg this wk
Fridge raiders 13.2kg - 2.3kg this wk
Man titty 6.9kg - 0.1kg this wk
Nacho average team 39.2kg - 1.2kg this wk
Psv 10.3kg - -2.5kg this wk
Quakers 21.2kg - 7.9kg this wk

Weight loss team of the week this week
1/Bruce Dyas 1.6kg loss
2/ian price 1.6kg loss
3/billy cope 1.6kg loss
4/Paul Slaney 2kg loss
5/Stephen Shuttleworth 2.4kg loss
6/Robert Carr 2.6kg loss

Captains shout outs

Man titty Rob for man titty for scoring his first goal for us … well done :+1:t2:

Paul motm for nacho, kept us in the game with some excellent saves
Captain Sean for tolouse excellent saves to keep us in game. Nominated by team :joy:

Dave for PSV
Billy for raiders, 2 goals and a good weight loss.